Position:  Creative Copywriter

Reports to: Creative Director            


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Position Summary:

This position is a critical component of the Creative Team and works closely with the creative director, other copywriters and account managers. The work involves developing concepts and copy to be used in a wide variety of projects for business-to-business and consumer marketing communications. Projects may include print, broadcast and outdoor advertising; collateral materials; corporate identity manuals; displays and exhibits; videos, newsletters; press releases; and promotional tools. The Creative Copywriter also will be involved in writing copy for digital marketing projects, such as websites, e-blasts, e-newsletters, billboard/banner ads and social media.


The development of creative concepts through finished copy that best communicates the client’s message... following set marketing goals...keeping consistent with an established image. Work within a time-management system in order to meet all deadlines and keep billable hours. During the creative process, submit all rough copy and concepts to the creative director, keeping supervisor informed and updated on progress. Assisting with production of audio and video projects will also be required.

Editing & Proofreading

Edit rough copy, checking grammar, punctuation, etc.; proof final copy, layouts and finished art in order to catch errors and check corrections. As “master proofreader,” coordinate other proofreaders to ensure that jobs are as accurate as possible in terms of content and style.

Directing Photo and Video Shoots

This includes travel to remote locations.

Client Contact

Engage in client contact when required; developing a rapport and maintain a professional relationship as assigned by AEs.

Working with Others

Cooperate and work with others on creative team.

Job Responsibilities:

Education Required/Expertise Required


Full-time Position is based at our main office in Pekin, IL (Peoria IL Metro area) 



*See employee handbook for details and eligibility requirements.