Position:  Media & PR Director/Project Manager
Reports to: President


The Media & PR Director position requires a high level of detail and organization.  You will communicate with a variety of resources both within the agency including numerous external vendors and the media.  You will have 5 main areas of accountability:  media and print buying, public relations, project management, client support, and quality control.

Media & Print Buying (Broadcast/ Print/ Outdoor/ Online, Direct Mail)

As a Media Buyer, you will work with Account Executives and Account Coordinators to determine the best plan of action for media campaigns and print projects.

Project Management

The responsibilities of this role encompass ensuring projects are priced and managed accordingly to Agency standards.  You will successfully execute these job functions by establishing a professional, non-biased, working relationship with a variety of outside vendors and award work to those who give best value: price, delivery dates, and service.

Client Contact / Service Support

Be available for any client inquiry or question pertaining to media or projects activity. Attend outside functions and planning meetings when requested by AEs.  Make presentations of media proposals. Take client calls in absence of AE’s regarding projects and campaigns.


In general, develop and maintain an image of competence and professionalism within the media and vendor community while maintaining integrity.  Client media schedules are a "closed book" to reps and discussed only as they pertain to specific activities within that reps sphere of influence.  Relevant competitive information provided by reps or editors is to be treated as confidential to the agency and its clients only so as not to become considered a source of rumor.  At all times, remember that this position is perceived as the agency speaking for the client in an official capacity.

Editing and Proofreading

Public Relations

For assigned clients, coordinate and ensure proper implementation of scheduled press releases and story pitching.  Edit media lists for assigned clients to ensure optimum coverage with minimum duplication and/or unrelated media. Monitor annual editorial cards to identify key issues that can be inter-related with the client’s advertising schedule.

Develop and maintain an active and professional relationship with editors.  Responsible for phone follow up when needed to “prod” for coverage within professional boundaries.  Goal is to become a preferred source for editors looking for general information related to client activities and product-specific information when possible.  Review all incoming publications and websites for campaign results and competitive activities. 



*See employee handbook for details and eligibility requirements


Updated November 2019



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