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Back roads really do beckon in Henry County.

Henry County is an area built on agritourism, outdoor adventure, and cultural heritage. When you travel the back roads of Henry County, you gain an experience entirely different from the quintessential American farming community. With vibrant art districts, gorgeous historical sites and world-famous festivals, Henry County is truly a sight to behold. Unfortunately, the Henry County visitors guide failed to capture that value. ,


Sometimes a change in design and voice is all that's needed.

Before working with McD, the Henry County visitor's guide was muddied with tiresome listings and bland design. In addition, sparse content and poor copywriting made it difficult for guests to utilize the guide for trip planning. So when Henry County tasked us with giving their visitor's guide and map a fresh new look in 2014, we knew we could crush the challenge. Our goal was simple: to make the guide more effective and enjoyable to read while still providing provide helpful tools and information that guests could utilize during their visit. 


Destinations guides are more than a list of phone numbers.

To make the guide more interesting, we developed a unique slim guide that read like a flipbook on Henry County. Beautiful photos and eye-catching design completed the look. Next, we illustrated a new, more modern map of the area, showcasing the locations of top destinations in the area as a separate piece. Finally, we brought the community to life with expanded content and advertorials, providing vivid descriptions of the area’s attractions. By the time we finished, we had developed a unique visitors guide concept, complete with conversational copy that was not only a useful tool, but also a fun piece of literature on the county. This guide was much more than a list of phone numbers – it was a sample of the Henry County experience. We also developed an online flipbook of the guide and gave visithenrycounty.com a complete fresh to match the look and feel of the guide!

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