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Works // 10.10.2019 // Madame Mojo's

The Story

Madame Mojo’s offers a unique twist on the eclectic French Quarter Experience.

A hotspot for luxurious parades, incredible seafood delicacies and a deep history tied to a blend of cultures, the French Quarter provides endless chances for new experiences outside of the everyday. The architectural charm of New Orleans sets the tone for a fresh perspective on the ideal vacation bucket list. Endless adventure awaits the brave visitor if willing to explore some of the more taboo shops and boutiques scattered throughout the area. Madame Mojo’s ushers in a new realm of opportunity with its distinctive ties to naturopathy and unorthodox spirituality.

The Challenge

To rebrand Madame Mojo’s as a premier shop for all things naturopathic and spiritually untraditional — specifically for tourists to the New Orleans area.

As if untouched by modern influence, the French Quarter demands attention from the curious visitor for its riveting history, eye-catching architecture and out-of-the-box expectations in terms of shopping, food and entertainment. Madame Mojo’s offers the best of eccentric products and services in naturopathic medicine, herbs and even healing crystals. Visitors can immerse themselves in a new realm of restoration, history and French Quarter magic.

The challenge? Encouraging people to visit Madame Mojo’s to learn more about New Orleans history in terms of its blended culture and to encourage out-of-the-box first-hand experiences. To accomplish this, the Madame Mojo’s (MM) and McD team worked to create and deploy freshly branded content that inspires and educates potential visitors on the hidden treasures of NOLA enchantment.



The Solution

To highlight MM’s core strengths through modernized branding, market research to establish brand guidelines, virtual interviews with the employees and owner, and a revised front-facing plan to encourage visitors to the store were conducted.

After establishing the brand voice, the MM and McD team created a bold, lively and modern brand refresh depicted in the website redesign, and any potential digital ad components to promote sales, events, or other announcements.

Through visitor intercept surveys and conducted interviews, the MM and McD team developed a new logo and front-facing brand voice.




The website redesign focuses on a lively, bold and charismatic brand refresh highlighting the versatility and advantages to visiting the shop. Madame Mojo’s offers a little bit for everyone — and we made sure the website content reflected that. After discussion, we decided that deep purples and incredible hand-drawn art would appropriately depict MM’s aesthetic and services. We wanted to stay true to the ambiance and overall vibe of the French Quarter, but we also wanted Madame Mojo’s to stand out against the competition of industry peers.

The previous brand was dated and looked similar to other stores. Choosing a vintage typeface with a modern design approach, we created a unique blend of expected appeal to something more modern and timeless. With an influx of tourists every travel season, it’s important to differentiate to remain a leader in local attractions.

Madame Mojo’s wanted their website to be fun and dynamic — something that truly stood out from the status quo. And we cannot wait to continue working with them in the future.




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Madame MoJo's

Year: 2019