Account Manager                  

Account and Project Management

You will get to know every part of our client’s brands, strategy and tactical plan. 

Develop, track and work directly on all projects, proposals, new business pitches for assigned clients. Follow up with clients regarding layout and copy changes, etc., and take client calls and emails. Responsible for providing clients with answers to specific questions within realm of knowledge, researching those that are not known off-hand, and responding to client requests in an appropriate, timely manner. Attend outside functions and planning meetings with clients and agency teams.

Additional duties: Plan video shoots, assist in talent bookings, coordinate special events; handling purchase orders and contracts, assist with invoicing, buying printing, preparing media plans.

Client Contact and Team Collaboration

Engage in client contact when required, developing a rapport and maintaining a professional relationship as assigned by AEs. Cooperate and work with others on the creative team (creative director, art directors, copywriters, designers, and account executives).

Editing and Proofreading

Assist with proofreading process: proofing final copy, layouts, finished art, catching errors, and re-checking corrections.

Working Conditions



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