It’s always good to do a little recon before sinking valuable dollars into a marketing plan. 

McDaniels will help you spot current or potential problems, identify opportunities and collect useful data about your target markets. Then it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get working on your plan.

Interviews & Surveys

Learning what people are saying about your brand — even if it is just from your employees — is pivotal to understanding how to move forward. We’ll help you craft a series of direct (and strategically leading) questions, then set up or conduct your choice of face-to-face chats, phone interviews, email questionnaires or online surveys. 

Baseline Evaluation

Another good point of reference for moving forward is finding out where you’re currently at. What are some key areas you can measure and where do you currently stand? Don’t worry, we can help you identify these, too! 

Opportunity Analysis

Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to see everything new. We’ll look at everything we’ve learned about you, what’s going on with your industry, what triggers your target market is currently responding to and how well your community is on board with what you’re doing. That’s when we start identifying areas you can grow, improve and pretty much take over the world (kidding… maybe). 

Strategic Planning

Knowing where you’re going is key to running a successful campaign. We can’t accomplish everything in one big swoop (we’re humans, not mythical gods), but we can definitely move the needle on several targeted areas that will make a noticeable difference in your business. We’ll help you identify these tangible checkpoints and come back to them as you continue to grow your brand. 

Budget & Production Planning

Ah, the numbers (yes, we have people good at math, too). Big budgets, small budgets and budgets you look at your boss saying, “You want me to do what with that?!” We’ve worked with them all. We’ll help you assign where your dollars are best invested and how you can make the most impact from our work. We’ll also help you set up a timeline for your campaign, showing you how all the pieces come together as we make magic happen.  

Ready to Start Planning?

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