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Crafting a good financial marketing plan takes more than having a money-savvy mind. You have to understand the end game, too. What do your products and services offer customers? Who is your target market and how do you reach them? But most of all, you have to know the why. Why would people want or need what you’re offering and how will choosing you make their life better or easier? McDaniels Marketing has been helping financial institutions, banks and insurance agencies answer these questions and more for over 50 years. Let’s get together and see how we can put our proven methods to work for you. We’ll help you stand out from the competition, establish you as a #1 financial resource and help build strong brand loyalty for the future, too!

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Powerful customer testimonial helps Pekin Insurance show the importance of life insurance. 

One of the key messages both financial and insurance organizations have to share is planning ahead. McDaniels Marketing helped Pekin Insurance stress the importance of planning ahead with this short customer testimonial about a widow that experienced an unexpected and sudden loss. In this video, McDaniels expertly weaves the message of how life insurance matters for everyone, even younger people, with an emotional take on the difference it can make in a difficult situation.  



Six ways McDaniels Marketing helps businesses make the most of their marketing dollars.

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