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Healthcare marketing isn’t for every agency. But it is a specialty for McDaniels Healthcare Marketing. We’ve worked with healthcare networks, hospitals, addiction centers, clinics, and medical groups, helping them solve the unique challenges they face in marketing. In fact, we were among the first to provide digital healthcare solutions to facilities throughout the Midwest. We’ll help you answer and find solutions to key patient care challenges like: What is the competition doing? Where are patients going? Which doctors are in high demand and why? Will this service be covered by insurance? How are we doing on staff recruitment and retention? End result… your community will be talking about the exceptional care you offer, market share for targeted services will go up and patient satisfaction ratings will improve across the board.

McDaniels helps generate 106 new orthopedic patients.

Realizing one of the best ways to market sports medicine is to establish the fact that you care about preventing injuries in the first place, McDaniels worked with IVCH to build a campaign that educates the public about common sports injuries and how IVCH can help with prevention as well as treatment. 7,094 ad clicks, 177 post engagements and over 40,000 video views later… it’s safe to say patients responded. The campaign also earned Best of Show at the 2017 ISHMPR Awards.

illinois volley community hospital healthcare marketing done by mcdaniels marketing



Six ways McDaniels gets your marketing to a healthier place.

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