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Catchy slogans set to kitschy music and travel brochures that only list facts are a thing of the past when it comes to destination marketing. Today’s travelers want something more. They want to feel a connection to the destination beyond what they can pull up on their smartphone. They don’t want facts and figures. They want to hear the stories… and get an authentic look at all you have to offer. That’s where we make a difference. McDaniels Marketing paints such a true picture of your destination that people not only come visit, but they also start seeing themselves living and working there, too.

Le Claire, Iowa

Case Study: McD Moves the Needle for LeClaire Iowa

To refresh the LeClaire, IA, brand as a weekend getaway targeting specific overnight markets based on local lodging property research, McDaniels Marketing highlighted the unique appeal of the city’s small, locally owned shops, restaurants and entertainment spaces. Thanks to an integrated promotional mix — 55% digital display, search and video advertising, 25% local and regional print, and 20% local television — plus a brand-new website and storytelling videos, public awareness exploded to all-new heights with both digital metrics and hotel/motel tax receipts soaring through the roof.

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Fairfield Iowa Galena


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