4 Common PR Mistakes

Blog // 09.25.2015 // 4 Common PR Mistakes

Whether you know it or not, PR is a critical part of your business.

What’s more, that old adage, “Any PR is good PR” is simply untrue… especially in sensitive industries like healthcare and finance. In fact, it’s best to help shape the narrative before your audience (or another organization) does it for you. By carefully crafting a message that is promoted (online, broadcast or in print), you can consciously affect the way your business is perceived. And, if you’re not already making PR a priority, you may be your own worst enemy by making these common mistakes.

Not getting media training. If you’re talking with the media, whether on the phone, e-mail, radio or on camera, some basic tips and techniques pay off immeasurably. Mock interviews, talking points, personal presentations are a good start.

Making PR an afterthought. A 100th anniversary press release goes out days before the commemoration. A product launch happens without creating buzz beforehand. Your media list begins with the yellow pages. Sound familiar? Good PR starts with a strategy and an intentional assignment of time and money to accomplish results.

Not perfecting your pitch. Press release didn’t get picked up? Journalist didn’t give you the time of day? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Tweak your audience, adjust your angle, revisit your goals and change your pitch. Take out the jargon, look for stories that resonate and focus on solutions. Then try again and again until you get it right.

Resting in your rut. PR can start with traditional media releases as part of an effective strategy. But that’s only the beginning. Blogs, social media, guerrilla tactics, personal tweeting and comments, e-mailing and using a newswire service should all work together to create the best perception.

Good PR is the only kind you want. Learn how we can help create a PR strategy that can translate into results for your business or organization.

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