7 Questions to Ask that Slick SEO Firm that’s Blowing Up Your Inbox

Blog // 04.15.2015 // 7 Questions to Ask that Slick SEO Firm that’s Blowing Up Your Inbox

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So when someone promises you whiz-bang SEO (top rankings! #1 on Google!) at a bang-up price, it’s time to do more than raise your eyebrows. It’s time to search out an SEO firm that walks the walk with real-world results and strategies that succeed. What do you ask them to find out if they’re more than a sassy e-mail?

1. What’s your strategy? 

More than just the technical side, more than tags, a site, directory submissions. Ask them to review their long-term process for strengthening and maintaining SEO.

2. Do you have the technology? 

With the strategy comes a prerequisite for staying current with the latest programming techniques and content marketing to ensure your website is easily found.

3. Do you believe in page 1? 

In today’s SEO world, Page 1 for you is different than Page 1 for me where a number of other external variables affect Page 1 rankings. Make sure your SEO specialist understands how to navigate this and deliver relevant results to your customers and audience.

4. Is bird the word? 

Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm dramatically changed the SEO landscape, taking search relevance from keyword richness to semantic user search queries. Does their SEO strategy take it into account?

5. Is it one and done? 

Successful SEO is ongoing and ever-changing. It’s long-term, with continual evaluation of both content and which keywords are utilized. It’s integrating all of these aspects plus analyzing search engine algorithms to adjust strategy as necessary.

6. Does your SEO firm actually implement your SEO changes?

…or simply comment on what needs to be done? Make sure your firm has the capability and know how to put those necessary changes in place.

7. What’s the package? 

Beyond just keywords, strong SEO looks at user optimization, online marketing, internal and external web linking, analytics, objectives evaluation, coding, web standards and protocols, public relations, directory listings, content quality and site design.

Why SEO? Because 75% of 33 million searchers every day never scroll past the first page of results.

To keep your ranking high, our SEO strategy incorporates six key components: content, programming structure, social integration, overall site usability, linking and directories.

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