A Snapshot at Current Social Media Usage

Blog // 10.24.2019 // A Snapshot at Current Social Media Usage

As of July 2019, there are over 3.5 billion people globally using social media, according to Hootsuite and We Are Social’s latest installment of their 2019 Global Digital Statshot report.

Uninterested in reading the full 107 slides of information? Check out some of our biggest takeaways.

Online videos are growing in popularity

More than four billion people, or 93% of internet users, are watching monthly online video content. Much of that content seems to be in the form of video blogs, or vlogs. Vlogs are increasing in popularity, with 51% of users now tuning in. The rise in influencers who are using YouTube as a platform for their following may contribute to this.

As for other online content, music streaming services are also on the rise. 70% of Internet users state they use these services, such as Apple and Spotify. These platforms are also hotspots for podcast listeners. The draw of podcast advertising is increasing as the popularity of the medium increases, just as this percentage has done over 2019.

Source: Hootsuite, We Are Social

Mobile is still at the top

Smart phones, as always, reign supreme for digital consumption. Mobile internet users are 51% of the total population. In fact, 3.46 billion active users access social media via mobile phone.

These numbers are sure to continue to escalate. Ensuring your digital advertising is fitted for mobile view is a can’t-miss step.

Brand discovery is heavily linked to search engines

Finding ways to attract new consumers to your brand will always be a key part of a marketer’s goal. As of the third quarter of 2019, 36% of those surveyed found new brands via search engines. This not only means organic results, such as landing on the first page of a Google search, but also paid advertisements.

Could effective Google Ads be the way to capture the attention of that 36%? Perhaps a tune up on your SEO tactics could unlock a new audience who’s searching for results you can provide.

Finding success through these programs may be linked to making the consumer feel they have a choice. Individuals who find new brands are more likely to adopt when they feel they chose to interact, instead of being “subject to advertising.” No consumer wants to feel they’ve been coerced into a decision. Effective online search engine advertising or optimization can help to curb those emotions.


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