Cutting Through the Clutter of Email

How do you get your marketing emails opened by customers and prospects?

Blog // 06.10.2019 // Cutting Through the Clutter of Email

Companies often dedicate staff solely to producing electronic newsletters and marketing email strategies. But there are so many brands proliferating in the ever-expanding email world, how does your brand stand out in the clutter of email? Over half of consumers state they delete brand marketing emails/newsletters without opening. Just 13.6 percent state they open all of them. How can your brand create marketing messages that stand out in this clutter and get opened?

Toluna and experience platform Movable Ink completed new research that demonstrates consumers aren’t as saturated with marketing emails as previously thought. Fifty percent of respondents stated they receive from one to five a day. Sounds good, right? But keep in mind that 78.9 percent of respondents state they have unsubscribed from a brand’s email marketing list. Disappointingly, the research also shows over half (54.4 percent) state they delete over half of all brand marketing emails they receive them, without opening.

To counteract all the unsubscribing and deleting without opening, a brand must target based on consumer’s stated preferences and/or past purchase behavior. Consumers today actually expect this from brands. Leveraging customer data and tailoring marketing emails (across all channels and devices) to consumer’s interests is vital.

Segmentation is key to leveraging customer data and tailoring marketing emails. One size does not fit all. You must segment your audience into smaller, tailored groups to maximize effectiveness. Segmentation is key to marketing emails having relevant content for each segment of your audience.

Below are some ways to segment:

  • Demographics (age/gender/etc.)
  • Geographic location
  • Survey responses
  • Purchase history
  • Location in the sales funnel
  • Website behavior
  • Preferences

Segmentation helps your brand stand out from your competition, since many brands don’t employ segmentation, or they don’t implement it well. It is estimated that 21% of marketers employ minimal segmentation.

Personalization is another proven strategy to getting your marketing emails opened. A personal touch goes a long way in creating a relationship with your target audience. Personalized emails can lift your email open rate by 26%. Personalization can simply consist of including your target’s name to the email subject line. Remembering their birthday or the anniversary of their relationship with your brand or making recommendations based on their past engagement also lift email open rates.

Why is it essential that consumers open your messages? If your audience isn't opening your emails, it's impossible for them to take an action step, such as clicking to your website or making a purchase. So, how do you keep them opening your emails on a regular basis?

Four ways to keep consumers opening your emails:

  1. Fix a problem
  2. Save them money
  3. Educate
  4. Entertain

Getting your marketing emails opened while building your brand equity is critical. You don’t have to take on this challenge solo! A team of dedicated, cutting edge, and quick-witted people stand ready to help develop a targeted, seamless experience for your consumers across all channels and devices. Are you ready to leverage your data and cater to consumers’ interests?

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