Get on a Roll – Leverage the Value of Video

Blog // 08.12.2015 // Get on a Roll – Leverage the Value of Video

It’s a D-D-D-Digital World.

And it’s also 2015, so that doesn’t only mean e-mail and websites – that’s the tip of the iceberg, especially if you’re targeting a younger crowd. How? Here are two of our favorite up-and-coming tactics:

YouTube Ads 

For touching a younger segment, online video is the way to go. In fact, YouTube has emerged as the dominant online video platform. More, it has become the go-to social network for teens and Millennials, surpassing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in use. YouTube reaches close to 50% of the 18 to 34 population of the entire country. In addition, YouTube videos show up in 70% of all Google search results. And, smartphone users are strong consumers of YouTube videos.

It’s time to take YouTube by storm—not only by frequently updating your YouTube channel but also with targeted YouTube advertising. YouTube ads are cost-effective, targeted and affordable. Your video ads appear in front of, during or even after other videos based upon parameters you select. For example, place tourism or visitors’ center ads in front of triathlon, skiing, golfing or other videos served within your target geographic region. If a viewer skips your video ad before 30 seconds (or the end), you aren’t charged for that video’s play.


Video Pre-Roll 

Online video pre-roll integrates with thousands of publishers, dozens of content networks and seven exchanges to put your video before your desired audience. Place short, unskippable videos on primary sites from news and sports networks to leading mobile platforms.

By combining dynamic video content with demographic data from the nation’s top demographics companies, your pre-roll videos will be targeted geographically and optimized to play on both desktop and mobile platforms. In addition, retargeting will let those who have already visited your site be served video content related to your products or services.

Rise to the top of your customers’ A-list. Leverage video’s true value potential.

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