Is Mobilegeddon Really Upon Us? And What Do You Do About It?

Blog // 05.05.2015 // Is Mobilegeddon Really Upon Us? And What Do You Do About It?

Have you heard? Google changed its search algorithms – again.

The buzz is that mobile-friendly websites are the new darlings of the new algorithm, and pundits are speculating that this could lead to an implosion of small business websites that aren’t quite up to snuff on their smartphone friendliness. Truth or fiction?

The answer, not surprisingly, falls somewhere in between. The last algorithm update focused on content, but also on the user experience – making content easier for users to digest and actually looking for content that’s more conversational and casual, more in line with how the user would actually search. This update takes it a step farther to how they view. These days, mobile accounts for as much as two-thirds of web traffic, and Google is playing favorites with sites that recognize that fact and optimize for that experience. (Specifically for mobile phones, not tablets.)

The reality is that it’s not just small businesses that could be affected when they experience a sudden drop in their online traffic.

Many big brands haven’t been optimized for mobile, and they’ll be in the same boat as their smaller brethren. Some estimates say nearly 50% of Fortune 500 companies didn’t have mobile-friendly websites as of the beginning of April.

Rochelle Hospital's responsive website design 

What makes a mobile-friendly website:

  • Easy-to-click links
  • Large text
  • “Responsive” design – automatically resizes to fit whatever screen it’s viewed on

If you haven’t made it to mobile-friendly yet, fear not. It’s never too late.

And remember, content is always king, or at least a prince. So while your company or organization may be dinged for lack of mobile optimization, you’ll still be rewarded for great content. And it’s a small but smart leap to making your site a thing of beauty no matter what screen it’s viewed on.

Ready to take your site search savvy and mobile motivated?

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