Is Podcast Advertising the New Radio?

Blog // 01.07.2020 // Is Podcast Advertising the New Radio?

As of June 2019, there are currently over 700,000 podcasts active and available for streaming.

What are the benefits of podcast advertising?

The easily consumable format of podcasts fits well into our busy lives. We hardly ever have to turn our favorite hosts off, whether we’re home, in the car or at the office. In fact, fans of the medium spend on average over six hours listening to podcasts every week. A reported 80% will finish all or most of each episode when listening.

If you’re looking to go where the listeners are, podcasts may be your answer.

Better yet, partnering with a podcast host for promotion is akin to having an influencer promote your brand. Listeners are fond of their hosts. They trust these individuals. If you’re going to dedicate an hour listening to someone talk, it can be assumed you have some respect for their opinion.

How is podcast advertising different than radio?

There are two types of podcast advertising. The first is a 15 second pre-roll that begins before an episode’s introductory music or commentary. The second is a 30-60 second mid-roll that hosts fit into the episode in the same way we experience commercial breaks. These ads can be pre-recorded by your company or a script can be provided for hosts to deliver your message.

So, what are the advantages of these advertisements?

  • Podcasts are not geographically limited, whereas radio shows can be. Only syndicated radio shows are aired on multiple stations and have a significant reach.
  • Ads on radio are sold by time and rely on your audience tuning in. Podcast targeting can be based more on the individuals you are hoping to reach because of their segmentation by topic or interest.
  • Podcasts listeners are typically more engaged.

Does podcast advertising work?

According to Nielson, podcast advertising is capable of improving metrics such as “awareness, ad recall, affinity, recommendation and purchase intent.”

The greatest draw to podcast advertising may be the ability for hosts to create an organic flow. Due to this, listeners are less likely to feel interrupted by your ad. They can also see a direct connection to the sponsors and the welfare of the podcast. 78% of listeners actually approve of podcast sponsorships because they believe these funds add value to what their hosts are producing.

Not convinced yet?

When the email marketing service MailChimp sponsored the first season of “Serial,” a popular true crime podcast, they were able to watch their ad go viral as 31 million episodes were downloaded.

That’s a reach that shouldn’t be overlooked. Radio advertising may not be dead, but the rise of podcasts may be starting a shift worth your attention.


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