Programmatic Advertising Results Like “Greased Lightning”!

It’s Automatic, it's Systematic, it’s Programmatic!

Blog // 08.10.2022 // Programmatic Advertising Results Like “Greased Lightning”!

Advertising on the digital landscape can be overwhelming and time consuming for one person, or one in-house marketing team, to master. Platform options for placing website banner ads are changing and growing each day.

Key Terms

Real-time bidding (RTB)
RTB happens on the ad exchange during the webpage loading process. Real-time-bidding allows for the winning, and most likely best-fitting, ad to be chosen and shown to the end viewer.
Demand-side platforms (DSPs)
DSPs, or Demand-side Platforms, are platforms that allow users (specifically advertisers) to purchase space on the Ad Exchange. Google Display Ads is a DSP but we also partner with other DSPs that have space on more exclusive ad publishing platforms, like Spotify or Video-Streaming Apps.
Supply-side platforms (SSPs)
SSPs, or Supply-side platforms, are platforms that allow publishers to manage all their available ad space, list new spaces, and remove spaces for bidding and purchase.
Data management platform (DMP)
A DMP, or data management platform, aids in the analysis of useful data for marketing campaigns. We work with trusted partners to gather, store, and manage any data utilized for your programmatic campaign.
Ad exchange
An ad exchange is the place where publishers will sell space on their website to advertisers while also being the place where advertisers go to purchase space on many publications, or locations, at once.

When working on your marketing strategy for a new campaign, you must first select how your ad will reach its destination, from native placements to Google Display to video streaming and audio streaming to social media, the list of platforms that advertisers can pick from is enormous. On top of picking the best platforms to reach your target audiences, the marketing team is also tasked with creating forms of completed ads that can perform their best in all of the differing sizes and spaces their ad may display in. Seeing an ad one time, may not be enough for a customer to take action and make a conversion happen. Creating a beautiful ad that will grab attention is no longer the marker of success for an advertising campaign. Now, an ad must retarget the customer and be seen in many spaces and places digitally; telling a cohesive story to the viewer and leaving them feeling confident, empowered, and ready to take action on your brand or product.  

That is the space that programmatic advertising is hoping to fill. With Programmatic advertising, you are able to show an automatically generated version of your ad on thousands of networks across the digital landscape, including on video streaming apps like HBO Max, without the need for selecting the platforms you want to display on manually or retarget manually. Your ad will retarget the customer across platforms they are already using, and you will be able to see the entire digital journey that took place for each prospect. This means that you no longer need to silo your marketing budget into only Google advertising or only Social Media advertising for example, but instead you are able to budget each campaign as a whole and utilize all advertising networks to achieve your conversions. Like greased lightning, you will achieve conversions!

At McD, we are able to develop and manage programmatic campaigns by utilizing many leading partners such as Sojern and Adara, and then pairing them with our industry-tested and award-winning creative team to develop the perfect programmatic advertising plan for your brand.

How Does Programmatic Work?

Your audience, your timing of display, retargeting, and many other factors are all programmatically decided utilizing AI data provided by the viewers devices and applications that they use daily. This data is consented and non-personally identifiable for each user. At the time a website is loading, an analysis process takes place inside of third -party data managing platforms to bid on the website banner ads that are planned out on the page. By partnering with digital programmatic partners, we are able to take full advantage of the consented data and retarget your ad campaign accordingly. In other words, we are able to create a multi-channel campaign for each individual prospect that will allows you to achieve maximum awareness of your brand. By treating each viewer and their experience with your campaign as a whole element, you are able to see that the multi-channel approach to marketing that is the key to a successful campaign.

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