Social Success: Knowing When to Say When in Social Media

Blog // 01.05.2015 // Social Success: Knowing When to Say When in Social Media
Got a ho-ho-holiday hangover coming off the most wonderful time of the year? Feeling like you missed the window for social media advertising? (After all, holiday shopping generates the most hits for social media advertising.) Fear not, seasonality isn’t limited to end-of-the-season holidays when it comes to social media. So how do you know when to plan your hits? If your budget won’t allow for a continuous presence year-round, consider some other key peaks in clicks.

Maybe you’re marketing healthcare and moms are a big target for you. When are moms uber-active on social media? Back-to-school season in August and September. You’re sure to stick out among the backpack and pencil pushers, and it’s the perfect opportunity to tout physicals, immunizations and your extended hours for when the school germies hit.

Looking for a bigger window? Travel searches start to uptick in March and hit a high in August. Summer months are especially strong. So if you’re a convention and visitors bureau, this is your time to shine. Pick an innovative itinerary to push or wave the flag on your one-of-a-kind attractions.

Whenever you do it, get creative. A few key elements to make sure you include in your ads or page posts:

  • Attention-grabbing image 
  • Your brand – easily identifiable 
  • Worthwhile info – give the audience a reason to read 
  • An emotional appeal and call to action 

This is your opportunity to engage at a whole new level. Seventy percent of Americans are on Facebook. Ninety percent of millennials use social media. Instagram and Twitter are growing at record paces. And even senior citizens are getting in on the action, with more than half of them using social media. As Nike says, “Just do it.” But do it right.

Not sure how to do it right? We’re social butterflies, flitting from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and beyond to capture clicks and leads for our customers. Contact Randy McDaniels, or 309-346-7412.
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