The Shift to Responsive Google Display Ads – Why?

Blog // 02.16.2022 // The Shift to Responsive Google Display Ads – Why?

Google Display ads reach demographics in all areas of the Internet by showing up on popular websites, apps, videos and even LIVE streaming sessions. This platform variation allows you to get your brand in front of your audience on websites and apps they're visiting routinely. However, making sure your ad is perfectly sized and set up for all these different platforms isn't easy and has become a limiting factor for what we know as Traditional Google Display Campaigns.

Enter Responsive Display Campaigns.

These types of Google ads enable us to upload logos and multiple forms of creative content, which are then pieced together to best fit each audience or platform it could perform on at that exact moment. This process of adding in options that will allow your Display campaigns to perform their best to each specific user is done by Google’s Machine Learning Software. This utilizes all your copy and creative pieces — your images, brand colors, videos, logos, etc. — and create ads in real time during each performance of your campaign or ad auction.

Here are examples of these ads:

Video Now Plays a Role in Google Display

Optimizing your Display campaigns means more than just choosing keywords, topics and interests when inputting your creative and copy. It's about creating an ad that's eye catching, memorable and relevant to the viewer each time your campaign performs. Sometimes, it's about adding in a video to your campaign! Linking a video no longer than 30 seconds to your Display campaign has become the newest way to achieve the highest ranking available for Display campaigns on Google. We all know videos are the new move for platforms like Instagram, and Google Display Advertising is following right along by giving preference to campaigns that have included a video. This doesn’t mean you need to create a video for each and every campaign. However, adding video to the mix can give your Display campaigns a competitive advantage.

Trusting in Google is advantageous and a solution to the large amount of data and customer patterns that have become impossible to comprehend by the advertiser. Analyzing data and customer patterns can now be accomplished by AI and machine learning software. The results we've seen from these Responsive Display ads have on average been 10 times higher in terms of impressions, clicks and conversions compared to Traditional Display ads alone! Additionally, we're seeing a lower CPC and Higher CTR when a campaign moves to Responsive Display versus Traditional Display.

As of June 30, 2022, Google will only allow the editing and uploading of Responsive Display ads and will no longer allow the management of Traditional Display ads, further proving these Responsive ads are the new way to advertise on the Google Display Network.

Are you ready for these changes? If you're already a McD Digital client, you certainly are.

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