Trade Show Marketing Tips – Give Your Booth a Boost

Blog // 02.02.2017 // Trade Show Marketing Tips – Give Your Booth a Boost

If you’re thinking trade show marketing starts on the show floor, you’re only half right.

Effectively leveraging a trade show presence does make a huge difference – 38% of attendees say visiting a booth impacts their intent to purchase – but with 64% of trade show visitors being new customers, pre- and post-show marketing takes on more importance than ever before. So how do you stop traffic?

Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund Display, McDaniels Marketing

Our “Secret 7” for trade show success? Simple:

  • Motion 
  • Height 
  • Big, bold images 
  • Supplemental lighting 
  • Striking colors 
  • Powerful messaging 
  • Technology 

In fact, some of the biggest trends we’re seeing in trade show booths revolved, unsurprisingly, around technology. From augmented and virtual reality to digital ordering to electronic signage and motion boards, technology takes center stage. A few more of our top tips for trade show success…

It’s a careful balance though, between leveraging technology and making a connection. Successful booths evoke an emotional response. And that doesn’t have to be just the floor itself. The ceiling is prime real estate! Take your brand to new heights with suspended hanging elements attached to the exhibit hall framework (within show guidelines of course) or structural elements designed to rise above the standard 10' size.

Knowing their customers’ goals, and their need to maximize time, exhibit companies are introducing new options that allow for modular construction, incorporation of areas like lounge settings and comfort stations to encourage engagement and are built for easy setup and takedown. A few of our favorites:

While you’re nailing your exhibit concept and design down, don’t neglect the obvious – your potential customer. Successful pre-show marketing starts with pre-show planning, and that doesn’t mean a hastily sent e-blast a week before the show. Creating a holistic strategy with public relations, direct mail, social media, coordinated e-blasts – thoughtful marketing that drives traffic to your booth, whether from surveys, giveaways or new product teases.

Acadian Toggle Display, McDaniels Marketing


Of course, staff is as important to booth engagement as the design and marketing. A few no-nos:

  • Eating 
  • Talking on phones 
  • Standing with arms crossed 
  • Sitting behind a table 


And a few must-dos:

  • Greet people 
  • Smile! 
  • Make eye contact 
  • Stand tall and make people feel welcome 

When it’s time to put some pop in your pullup, give us a ring.

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