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Video marketing can be an effective way to catch a consumer’s attention.

Creating clips of content can aid in brand promotion, sales efforts or brand awareness and engagement in a more interactive manner than print advertising.

But, is video marketing really worth it?

According to NG Data, there are several benefits of digital marketing:

  • Video is highly compatible with SEO, which helps to drive traffic to your website.
  • Engaging multiple senses helps to increase consumer retention. When using both sight and sound to deliver your message, consumers “retain an average of 65% of that information three days later.”
  • Video marketing can deliver monetary results. NG Data highlights that 64-85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.
Was seen 26,428 times
Got 191 clicks to the website
Brought in 115 conversions (people who viewed their contact page)

What makes engaging with consumers so difficult?

Sustaining a consumer’s attention is quite the feat. The average person’s attention span now lasts about eight seconds, according to Microsoft. That’s four seconds less than in 2000. So, the time you do have to impress a consumer is shrinking.

When the age of the smartphone officially took hold, digital marketing rose to combat the amount of content now available at our fingertips. Which means there’s a clear need for marketers to learn how to differentiate themselves within the swarm of information online. How can we fix this?

This video was on Facebook. It reached 94,959 people and 8,588 people played it for AT LEAST 15 seconds (this is also called a ThruPlay).

There's Still Hope

According to AdWeek’s article “Catching Consumers’ Attention: How You Can Hook Your Audience with Your Video Ads,” there are three ways marketers can give their consumers a more meaningful experience:

  1. Use incentives to encourage consumers to opt-in to being served your ad—which makes them feel in control of their ad consumption. Coupling that involvement with a reward for choosing to watch your video ad, such as earning points or virtual goods, creates a more favorable experience. AdWeek highlights a Kantar Millward Brown study, where 68% found that rewarded video ads were a preferable experience over social click-to-play, skippable pre-roll, and skippable mobile pop-up.
  2. Turn your video ads up a notch by creating content that can be consumed with the sound on. Many marketers want to create content that can be consumed without sound to work with mute ads, but a Google analysis of over 1,000 video ads on YouTube showed the addition of sound increases brand awareness, recall and consideration.
  3. Personalizing video ads could lead to better results. According to McKinsey, personalization can lead to up to eight times the ROI and “can lift sales by 10% or more.” When tailoring your ads to the time or location of viewers, you’re already taking a step towards making them feel like you care about their experience.

So, it comes down to this: do you care about your user’s experience, beyond searching for clicks or sales? When you work to present your consumers with an experience that matters to them, you begin to win the uphill battle of video ads.

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