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Do you love the business of marketing? Enjoy landing clients and achieving results for them?  Leading a team of talented professionals? Looking for a place that offers massive long-term growth?

McDaniels Marketing is Remarkably Uncommon. How could you fit into our winning culture?

Account Executive (Full Time)
McD serves clients all over the United States and the world
HQ: Pekin, IL (Peoria Metro Area)
Rockford, Springfield, Quad Cities, Milwaukee, WI South Haven, MI

At McDaniels Marketing, we’re looking for an energetic, experienced and self-driven Account Executive to oversee the long-term growth and prosperity of McDaniels Marketing and its digital division, McD Digital. Of course, selling traditional marketing agency services — including marketing strategy, branding, advertising, public relations, marketing research and exhibits is a big part of this role. However, it’s your ability to establish burgeoning relationships with exciting new clients across a spectrum of industries that is the key to success. You’ll research potential new clients, reach out to them through mail, phone calls, or personal solicitation, and work closely with the entire marketing team to craft a marketing strategy that prompts an audible, “Wow!” from the client, or maybe a gasp or “whoa” — we’re not picky.

Client Service & Advisory Role

Account Managers are assigned to each account they land. That means you stay on the client team during the first year of the account, after which you remain on the client service team or move on to focus on even more business acquisition — which, judging by the fact that you’ve landed this new client, is clearly one of your strong suits. So, while you won’t be tied up in the day-to-day details of project management, you will be on board to provide advice and input on strategy and execution.

Education & Skills Needed:

Compensation & Benefits

McDaniels Marketing (origin 1966) and McD Digital (origin 1998) are proven to drive results for clients in agriculture, tourism, healthcare and finance, as well as industrial and consumer products and services.

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