Digital Marketing Specialist

Position Summary

The Part Time PPC Specialist is a hands-on role that will help maintain and build the digital marketing division.  This person will manage assigned pay-per-click advertising programs, ensuring goals are being met through; researching keywords and placements, optimizing landing pages, developing PPC ads.  Program management also includes:

Continuous learning is vital to the success of this position and to the reputation of our company as this is an ever-changing industry. Ongoing industry research is required to stay current with emerging trends and latest industry compliance requirements.  While this position is currently structured as part-time, the desire is to eventually move the position to full-time status.

Principal Responsibilities:

Paid Search, Display and Social Media:
This position will work with Account Executives (AE) and Account Coordinators (AC) to develop, manage and optimize the performance of the paid search and display marketing accounts for Google, Facebook and other platforms. Proactively identify, promote and test additional third-party advertising platforms as needed. Other activities include analysis of account performance against goals; determine appropriate PPC ad copy, keyword match types and landing pages to test for CTR and conversion rate improvements.

Website & Landing Page Conversion Optimization:
S/he will work collaboratively with Web, Marketing, IT, and Copy to design, develop, implement and manage the landing pages including web updates and maintenance.

Web Analytics:
Utilize Google analytics (and other 3rd party solutions as needed) to analyze and report the performance of our digital marketing programs. He or She will be responsible for setup, implementation and management. Knowledge of features such as advanced segments, goal tracking, bounce rates, exit pages will be used to provide feedback and recommendations to improve performance. Additionally, the PPC specialist will leverage Google Ads data – day parts, keyword positions, location, etc. to optimize the accounts which they manage.

Required Skills and Attributes:

Physical Requirements:

Compensation and Benefits*: 

*Benefits package available if converted to full-time.

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