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We've all seen how quickly someone's reputation can take a hit on the internet. One day, everything's fine — then suddenly, their name is a hashtag on Twitter. You never want to be the internet's main character du jour and the same goes for your entire organization. How do you get the truth out there before someone else tells a different story?

That's where Online Reputation Management comes in. Online Reputation Management, or ORM, describes the process of pinpointing what the public is saying about your company or nonprofit online and ensuring the online narrative aligns with your brand's mission and values.

Online Reputation Management drives public opinion about your organization and its services — you need to pay attention.

Review Management

Google reviews are a crucial part of your online visibility. What reviews are users seeing under your organization’s name? Are they saying anything at all? Podium is a comprehensive marketing and communication platform for local businesses across various industries — retail, service businesses, healthcare and more. Powered by text messaging, Podium helps your business increase leads and revenue, communicate more effectively with customers and get more done in less time. Podium simplifies the review process by allowing customers to communicate with a business via text, adding ease of communication and growing new customer leads. Manage all your online interactions from one central hub and encourage customers to become brand advocates.

therapist and patient texting to find a time to meet for their next session

McD Digital is an official referral consultant for Podium. We recommend Podium to our digital clients as the ideal tool to encourage customer conversations because it simplifies the messaging experience, giving you one central messaging dashboard where you can read and respond to messages from Webchat, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Google Click-to-Message. Podium helps businesses and organizations:

  • Increase Google and Facebook ratings, quality and quantity of reviews, and how businesses respond to them.
  • Succeed in online reputation management and increase their overall organic search impressions.
  • Implement a texting feature which allows customers the ability to ask questions, make payments, and leave a review all from the comfort of their phone.
  • Set up a chat plugin for clients interested in asking questions on your website.

Listing Management

When potential customers look you up online, are they finding the right info? Scenario: What if your organization moves but you didn’t update the address on your online listings? It’d be awfully embarrassing if they went to the building Google told them about only to find it now looks like the setting of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. We’ll scour sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Tripadvisor and more to guarantee the information that’s out there — addresses, phone numbers, etc. — is up-to-date and accurate.

Social Listening

Humans are inherently social beings — if we have a good experience somewhere, we want to share it with everyone who will listen and a few who maybe didn’t ask. How many Facebook posts have you seen starting like this:

“Kudos to the staff at The Krusty Krab!”

“I can’t believe the terrible service I got at Good Burger!”

“That’s the last time I ever go to Moe’s Tavern!”

If you aren’t paying attention to what people are saying about you on social media, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to boost your brand. Using Awario, we can discover mentions of your brand across multiple social channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and more — to learn more about your audience and control the narrative around your organization.

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