The world’s greatest website is only effective if people know it’s there.

Sometimes even the most optimized website needs a little help. Because let’s be honest — there’s a TON of competition out there. So, add pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to the mix to help drive more traffic to your site. But before you rush forward and throw stacks at a program, it’s good to understand the basics about how it all works.

Clients should only pay for actual results

All our digital campaigns are run on a pay-per-click basis. Advertisers aren’t billed when an ad is displayed — only when a user clicks on that ad and is directed to your landing page. Because this is trackable, these ads offer a truly cost-effective, pay-for-performance method of reaching future clients.

Proven results, relevant leads, detailed reporting

From Google Ads to YouTube to LinkedIn to Facebook to native placements, McD Digital will place your PPC ads where your future clients are putting their attention at the exact right moment. Take the guesswork out of placing a PPC ad and hoping it works — McD Digital is here to help you succeed. Who could ask for anything more?

Targeting Capabilities

McD Digital can target your ideal customer in a myriad of ways; like by location, audience interests and attributes, contextual topics and search and display keywords.

Why McD?

We’re established. For over 55 years, we’ve worked with regional, national, and international brands to help promote their products, services and destinations.

We’re diligent. At McD, we don’t believe in the term “fire and forget.” Our Digital Strategists are monitoring program performance on a daily basis to ensure optimum performance. They’re constantly adjusting keywords, bids, placements, and even negative keywords and placements to ensure that your ads are seen by the individuals who can benefit from what your brand has to offer.

We’re adaptive. The key to avoiding stagnation is to constantly explore new ideas. In the realm of advertising, this means exploring new platforms, new types of ads, and even new methods of delivery in order to reach customers where they’re putting their attention. It’s how our agency has continued to evolve from traditional media to digital and online video all the way to developing captivating social media strategies.

We’re frugal. While this might not be the sexiest of descriptors, it’s accurate. In other words, we spend your budget as if it were our own. If we see a platform or media that isn’t performing up to our standards, you can be rest assured that we’ll come back with a recommended alternative. Our loyalty is first and foremost our clients — not some vendor or media rep.

We’re transparent. No, this isn’t referring to a superpower. We believe in full transparency when it comes to how we manage our programs. We report real and accurate results on a monthly basis and a Digital Strategist is only a phone call or an email away. Furthermore, we manage our digital programs on a Cost-per-Action basis — meaning that our clients aren’t charged unless we can ensure that a potential visitor has actually seen or interacted with an ad. There’s also no mark-up on these clicks or views. We want 100% of your delivery budget to go to the deployment of your ads. There’s no hidden markup. Ever.

Our Process

At McD we don’t just build a campaign, we are a full-service marketing firm that knows how to get results. This means you get highly skilled strategists, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and copywriters working with our digital team to create dynamic and engaging content for your ads. We look forward to continuing our great partnership. 

We manage your program by:



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