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Your website is the epicenter of all your marketing efforts.

If people want to know more about you, they look you up online. So, how do you make your website into something that gives your target market a reason to keep coming back? You follow good UI/UX — that is, user interface and user experience. You create a design that draws people in. You make the website easy to navigate. You write content that aligns with your message and positions you as an expert in the industry. And you call out specific tasks or calls to action that help guide visitors on their journey. Fortunately, McD Digital started doing that just as things were taking off in the ‘90s and we continue to stay leaps ahead of our competition in web design and programming today.



Are you using your website as a business tool?

Good website design starts with two key components: form and function. What you did in may have worked well at the time, but you can’t tell users your business is a dynamic, cutting-edge company if your website is stuck in a time warp — a lot has changed since then. So, unless you’re specializing in “all things retro,” ask yourself these questions:

“Is my website clean, modern, and engaging?”

“Am I able to use my website as a complete business tool?”

We find your end goal and bring it to life.

When McD Digital crafts a new website, we start by asking the questions: What do you what your website to accomplish? How will it play a role in your overall business functions? What style, tone and mood do you want to convey? Most importantly, how will your website connect with various target audiences? Our award-winning team will bring your site to life with a custom, mobile-first design. From color choices to content layout, every element will be strategically crafted and purposefully placed to create a user experience that invites interaction on any device.

And yes, we write content. In fact, we have a proven team of writers who know how to tell your story!

Anyone can use a drag-and-drop page builder app. You don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Don’t you deserve to have something truly amazing?

Our process

How does McD Digital use digital magic to help you convert leads to sales? We apply three key elements to every website to ensure your users get the very best user experience possible.



Every good journey needs a carefully thought-out plan. That’s what information architecture is all about. The McD Digital team starts by looking at your existing content and creating a logic-based design that highlights key areas and value-add experiences, plus recommending any areas we think need to be added.

Knowing what you want users to do when they get to your website is just as important as a stunning design and content that keeps their attention. That’s why McD Digital makes user flow mapping a high priority. We’ll make sure that no matter where users start their experience on your site, there are clearly defined paths to learn more about you, reach out, and engage. The result — we’ll be able to measure how effective your website really is. And if something’s not working? We change it!

More than half of your website traffic will come from mobile devices. Let that sink in for a minute. More than half — and that number continues to grow every year. That’s why when we design our websites, mobile is always at the forefront. Responsive web design is a cost-effective solution that provides users with a seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices — and helps improve your results with Google too! We just so happen to be experts in creating and transforming sites to be 100% responsive. One site will serve them all.

Content Management System Options

Our custom content management system (CMS) websites can give life to any creative design or website need — and we work with your budget to make your vision a reality. In fact, we’re so committed to helping you stay on budget, our front-end developers and programmers have created four CMS options to choose from: WordPress, Webflow and PHP-based McD Content Management Systems (proprietary or non-proprietary). All our systems put the power of control in your hands to create and update as many pages as you need. We’ve developed a core set of modules and plugins that solve specific content, data collection, and interactive challenges.



A robust system that does it all.

Not all websites are created equal. The McD CMS is a custom-built command center for managing your website functions. From large-scale enterprises to networks of related sites, the McD CMS can do it all. Manage multiple websites within the same CMS from a single login. Create and update pages quickly and confidently. Develop and maintain custom employee or customer portals to grant users access to only the information they need. This robust system is ideal for even the most complex of websites.

The McD CMS is highly customizable using custom-developed modules that can handle all your online business functions. No longer just a simple source of information, these tools transform your website into a functional extension of your marketing team. Manage everything from event registrations, job postings, event calendars, and online bill payments — and that’s just the beginning. The McD CMS offers custom modules for many top industries, including healthcare, insurance, travel and tourism, agriculture, and finance.

Our web development team will identify your specific needs and carefully craft the site structure and modules. You’ll be actively engaged throughout the entire process. When the build is complete, you’ll finally be able to sit down and say, “I love our website.”

Features of the McD CMS include:



A cost-effective option.

Even if the name isn’t familiar, chances are you’ve encountered a WordPress website before. As of May 2021, this popular CMS is used by 64 million websites, powering almost 40% of the internet. Highly customizable, WordPress sites can vary their core functionality and appearance using themes and can also add more functionality through a library of more than 50,000 plugins.

The McD Digital web development team will leverage their experience and expertise in WordPress development to bring you a site that you’ll be proud to call your own.



No code, no problem.

Thanks to Webflow’s design-centric user interface, speed is the name of the game. If you can visualize it, Webflow can bring it to life in a fraction of the time needed to code your changes. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you’ve got a robust, responsive, state-of-the-art website — no code, no problem. Just drag, drop, and style. Webflow is the perfect solution for anyone who can visualize a website in their mind’s eye before bringing that vision to life.


Web design made easy.

Regardless of your skill level at web design, building a stylish, modern website with Squarespace is as simple as clicking your mouse. Just select from their collection of pre-made templates, fonts and color palettes, then supplement with your own content. And with a library of third-party extensions and add-ons, standing out from other brands has never been quicker and easier.

CMS training and support

Regardless of which option you choose, all McD Digital websites include a web-based CMS that is 100% responsive. Don’t worry — we’ll teach you how to use it. The beauty of every CMS solution we offer is making changes only takes a few seconds! We also provide 24/7 email support should anything happen to your website and you need immediate assistance. Website support packages are available that are often paired with SEO.

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