You have a brand, whether you want one or not.

But here’s the catch — your brand isn’t solely based on what you say or think you are. It’s a living, breathing entity that is defined by others' opinions and experiences. Let McDaniels Marketing help tell your story — about who you really are and what you offer. Let’s make sure the picture you paint in your marketing efforts truly defines what your target market encounters. So when it comes down to them choosing you or “the other guys” down the street, they choose you every time.


Visual Identity

One of the most visible parts of your brand is your logo. Whether you are just starting out or wanting to give your brand a completely new look, we’ll help you create a logo that has purpose, compliments what your brand is about and is scalable for all marketing efforts. 

Brand Promise & Guidelines

Your brand promise is about making sure that what you say your target market will experience… actually happens (and putting that in writing for everyone that represents your brand to follow). We’ll help you create your own promise and give you guidelines for how to use your brand identity and overall voice to make sure you are being authentic and consistent in all you do.  

Brand Launch & Special Events

If we ever need a reason to throw a good party (although we’re pretty much up for it anytime), the launch of your new brand is definitely one of them. We’ll help you send out press releases and invites, create signage and apparel, push it on social media and more. The more people you have standing behind your brand, the stronger it will be. Oh, and keep us in mind for any other special events you want to plan. 

Public Relations

The public eye never blinks. And just like your high-def TV, every wrinkle, blemish or stubborn cowlick is in clear view and magnified! That’s why we still keep public relations — and our team that knows how to do it — as part of our brand communication strategy. We’ll help you continually monitor your image in the media and on social media so that you’re emphasizing your best features (and being proactive about those not-so-pretty moments). 

Employee Relations

Remember how we said that your logo was one of the most visible parts of your brand? Your employees are in a neck-in-neck race with it in the level of importance. That’s because they are the ones interacting with your customers! Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest and most effective form of marketing still today. Get your employees behind your brand. Show them that your company stands behind its actions… and their loyalty and word-of-mouth buzz will bring more top-quality talent to your doorstep.  

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