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Tell the Story You Want to Tell

Whether you know it or not, your organization has a brand. Even if you put in exactly zero effort — a strategy we strongly advise against — the public formulates a general idea or feeling about your organization. See, your brand isn’t just a logo and tagline that gets shown on a 30-second spot during the local news. If the logo is the face of your organization, the brand is its soul, extensions of a living entity that defines itself through your organization’s actions and services and your customers’ experiences and opinions.

Your brand tells the story of who your organization is and why people should choose you.

Gaining control of your brand and leveraging it to tell the story you want to tell is paramount to your organization’s success. But what does that process look like? How do you reign in such an abstract concept and mold it to work in your favor? That’s where the experts (i.e., us) come in. Learn about the process that goes into each brand we build and how we use existing opinions to formulate an appropriate look and feel.

Step 1 — Dig Deep

What are people saying about your brand anyway? Is it a once-revered identity in need of a refresh? Or have you been the main character on Twitter a time or two? Finding out how the court of public opinion views your brand is a crucial first step in determining what direction your brand should take. Through focus groups and surveys, we can ascertain how both insiders and outsiders view your brand, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the process.

Additionally, during this step, we’ll encourage you to identify brands that align with your organization’s values and goals, helping us visualize the message you’d like to communicate. Which brings us to…

Step 2 — Craft the Message

So, about those strengths… Does everyone — and we mean everyone — have a thorough understanding of what sets your brand apart? What about some of those lesser-known qualities you’d like to communicate? With an effective brand promise, you can communicate those strengths as common experiences, events and attractions your target audience can expect when they choose you — as well as providing a written template for all marketing communications moving forward.

A brand should speak not just to the mind but also the heart of the consumer — design is one of the primary languages that a brand uses. As a language, design has developed certain commonalities that we associate with certain things. For example, geometric shapes evoke a sense of order, rationality and stability, whereas loose, organic shapes exude a more natural and playful personality. We’ll craft a visual identity for your brand that captures its essence, whether you want something sleek and modern or rustic and traditional. Our team of graphic designers can expertly craft a visual identity for your brand all the way down to the fonts used in your marketing materials, website, digital marketing and more. Then we organize that brand identity into a set of guidelines driving all marketing tactics in the future.

Speaking of marketing pieces…

Step 3 — Blast Off!

Time to party! No, really — what better way to let people know about the new look of your brand than inviting leaders, stakeholders and the public to the unveiling of your rebrand? We’ll not only help plan your brand launch event, but we’ll get the word out too through press releases, invites and social media.

Once people get a first look at your new brand, that’s when the word-of-mouth marketing starts. And the more people talk about your new brand, the more you’ll need someone to maintain that image, which brings us to the last point…

Step 4 — Managing Relationships

So, now that you’ve harnessed the heart and soul of your brand, how do you ensure it thrives? After all, people will realize right away if your rebrand is insincere. When that happens, you’ve got the same problem all over again. And you guessed it — we can help with that too. By communicating with your employees as well as leveraging public relations, we can continue to manage your brand even after you’ve rolled it out, adding brand equity one positive impression at a time.

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