A print & digital mix still makes sense.

Over the last 10 years, a significant shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing has occurred. Money that was once designated for newspaper ads has done a complete flip and is now reserved for Google, Facebook, YouTube or other online platforms. But there's still a place and need for traditional media, and McDaniels Marketing knows how to get you the best prices and placement out there.


Sometimes when the price is right, it comes at the cost of your message. Rather than allow our clients to pay an attractive price for a misguided media purchase, McDaniels Marketing creates a balance that does not compromise your brand or your wallet. 

Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to hold a powerful place in the overall scheme of marketing. In fact, it might be more important now because engagement is growing as the mailbox clutter declines. Response and open rates are also higher with direct mail than email marketing — especially when you're trying to reach new customers. The best news is that McDaniels Marketing can help you manage the entire project. That includes buying (and cleaning) the list, creating awesome creative that gets your business noticed and getting you the best print and mail rates available. 

Out of Home

The classic highway billboard has been a staple marketing medium for advertisers, and yet it continues to be effective. As with all forms of media, however, there are also more out-of-home options than ever before. We’ll help you determine whether you keep with the classic, go digital or take on a less traditional style to get the most eyes on your brand. 

TV/Radio Buys

While many may have cut the cable cord and listen to pre-loaded playlists, a Video Advertising Bureau study shows that millennials still watch 3 hours of traditional television a day and the average American devotes 1,908 hours to television over the course of a year. That's 20% of the year! Radio also still holds a stronghold with Nielsen reporting that radio continues to reach more Americans each week than any other platform, with many daily commuters tuning into their favorite station to and from work. McDaniels will help find where your customers are and negotiate the best rates and impressions for your investment. 

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