Everything you send out makes an impression.

Every word, image, and even the media you deliver it through sends a message to your target market. Does that mean your efforts have to be the sleekest, most clever ad out there? No (although we do tend to rock the message and design). Does it need to appeal to your target audience? Absolutely! (See what we did there? We came full circle with brand exploration, research, and strategy… this isn’t our first voyage, people). That’s because every design choice we make, every word we write, every photo we pick serves a purpose in telling your unique story to the people you want to reach.

Integrated Campaigns

Traditional media may be changing, but there’s still a useful place for it in marketing campaigns. We’ll help you set up the right mix of traditional and digital media (and capitalize on how they work together) to get the most impact for your marketing investment. Don't worry, we also have media experts that will help you get the right price and production for all your marketing efforts. 

Digital Campaigns

For some businesses, it makes more sense to go digital only. Maybe their target market is best reached online. Whatever the case, we strategically narrow down the geographic locations and demographics of your target market and get your message seen through social media engagement, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, boosted posts, videos and more. 

Copywriting & Copyediting

Everyone can write. But not everyone can craft a clever message that nails the point you’re trying to make in 50 words or less (or for those ridiculously tight digital ads, 70 characters). That, my friends, takes talent, and our writers make it look easy. You give us the points, then sit back and watch the words come alive.   

Print, Illustration & Design

It pays to play with color. And while the rest of the world is busy selecting their favorite coloring book and high-end pencils, our designers keep pushing the limits and daring to go outside the lines. But we’re not just coloring, we’re contemplating with how certain tones influence different actions. We’re staying on top of the current trends. And we’re using design to continue telling your story. As for the war over on whether the McDaniels Marketing brand is more red or orange… well, we’ll just have to table that for another day. We’ve got some concepts to brainstorm.    

Website Design

Complete honesty. Our website design skills are so on point we need a whole page to give you all the details on it. Follow the link and see how we can help make your website the epicenter of all your marketing efforts. We'll create a design that draws people in, follows good UI/UX, features valuable content and leads visitors to powerful end results. We also have programming & development skills to build your vision, including our own Content Management System! 

Radio & TV Production

While this falls more in the bucket of traditional media now, there is still a place for radio and TV production. We’ll help script, cast talent, direct, produce and pull everything together for final production. We can even help with media buying and placement! 

Exhibits & Displays

At trade shows, conventions or even community events, you want to capture your target market’s attention and get them interested in what you offer. That’s why you need to make sure your exhibit booth design and trade show display stand out. As an official distributor for Orbus displays, we’ll help you research what others are doing in your industry and pair it with your brand objectives and goals to make sure you are making new contacts, highlighting key services and networking with your peers at every event you attend. In addition, we can store your display in our climate-controlled warehouse, as well as assist with staging, shipping, and installation. 

Custom Photography

Because we specialize in telling authentic stories, we’re in the mindset that one of the best investments you can make is to create a pool of custom photographs that will give life to your unique brand. Call us photo snobs, but having someone with a good camera to take your photos doesn’t quite cut it. It’s all about lighting, composition, good models and making sure you score that perfect shot. And if you take a look at our work, you’ll visualize what signature photography really means.

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