Over 100 million hours of video are watched
on both Facebook and YouTube a day. 

Those are some pretty staggering numbers if you ask us and a big reason why video can no longer be an afterthought in your marketing strategy. It has to be a front-runner. So if you aren’t already creating online video content, you need to start today. Like now. Seriously, throw back that double macchiato (or a refreshing glass of fruit-infused ice water if you’re so inclined), shoot us a message and let’s get your video content going.

Script Writing

Not sure what type of video you should create? We can help with that! First, it needs to be something your target market relates to. Whether it’s a short creative that shows the personality of your brand or a longer instructional video that guides your target market into action, we’ll help you craft the message and storyboard our process. We’ve also done some pretty stellar motion graphics and animations should that style pique your interest. 

Video Shooting & Direction

Once we have the plan in place, we start pulling all the pieces together. Casting talent. Securing locations. Picking the voice-over and music. Plus, gathering all the props and equipment we’ll need. And while our directors do crack a smile every time they get to use the clapper (it’s the simple things in life… no judging), we also have the creativity, equipment and lighting needed to produce high-quality videos on time and on budget. 

Motion Graphics & Animation

Did you know that one second of animation takes about an hour (sometimes more) to create? That’s a pretty big investment, but well worth the effort when it helps grab attention and push your brand forward. Our team can help you create animated ads, animated infographics, 2D and 3D animations and character animations that can be used as part of your social media and video communications. Or we can add motion graphics to any of our videos to give a little more polish and pizzazz (jazz hands optional). 


While it would be nice to capture every scene we need in one take, that just isn’t behind-the-scenes reality. We scour through hours of video to select the best storytelling clips for your brand, then bring it all together with our best Hermione Granger “swish and flick.” (Okay, so we don’t really have magical powers, but we promise the final product will have magical results.) 


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