How 360 Videos Can Change Your Customers' Viewpoint

Blog // 12.16.2021 // How 360 Videos Can Change Your Customers' Viewpoint

You’re seated between heavy, yellow, over-the-shoulder restraints as the gate opens and your train pulls out onto a roller coaster track. As the train is pulled up the lift hill by a series of chains and pulleys, you gaze upward at the bright blue sky and take in the breathtaking scenery around you — to your left, more rides and coasters you’ve yet to explore, and to your right, a train track tunnels into a limestone cliff face.

The train reaches the top of the lift hill after what seems like an eternity, and you peer down to the drop that awaits you. The train banks to the right, then plunges downward rapidly as you feel your stomach in your throat. The sky re-enters your view as you soar upward into a loop, periodically glancing around at what twist and turn awaits you.

You feel as though you’re actually on a Six Flags roller coaster. But the truth is you’re sitting comfortably at home on your couch, which is very much not cannonballing you through a roller coaster track but sitting stationary in your living room. Rather, you’ve immersed yourself in this content with a 360 video.

Video content can provide an in-depth look at your organization or your products, providing consumers with more information needed to convert initial interest into a sale. But what if you could create content that really makes a customer feel as though they’re experiencing your brand in real time? With 360 videos produced by McDaniels Marketing, you can build this immersive experience and generate excitement and recognition for your brand.

Immerse your audience

While videos typically offer one vantage point of a given subject, 360 videos offer a full scope of vision. Users can click and drag on the video to get a 360-degree look at the surroundings, practically immersing the user into the setting. By shooting with an omnidirectional camera, you can create enveloping content allowing users to look any direction — up, down, left, right, and all directions in between are viewable.

Best of all, 360 videos go far beyond just mobile devices or desktop computers. This content is inherently optimized for more unconventional platforms such as VR headsets.

The video team at McDaniels Marketing uses the Ricoh Theta SC2, which is capable of shooting 360-degree, 14MP images and 4K30 FPS videos for VR and web use.

How can I apply 360 videos?

So, 360 videos sound cool — but can the really apply to your brand? Well, yes — in fact, 360 videos are remarkably versatile across numerous industries. Some examples may include:

Agriculture — Give potential customers a tour of your farm or growing facility. Or, if you build agricultural tools, give them an inside look at your production facility or provide 360 degree field views.

Healthcare — Provide wayfinding videos for patients, family members and the public. Offer an unseen look at the day-to-day operations around your campus.

Tourism — Want to get visitors excited about your destination? Give them an in-depth look at some local attractions or provide a guided, VR tour of your city.

Finance — Help customers interface with your bank's drive up facilities nd ATM's by featuring a 360 degree video of the building, drive up entrances and exits.

The truth is 360 videos can be applied to all kinds of online marketing tactics. Make 360 videos part of your marketing plan if you’ve got something you want an audience to see but they can’t be physically there to see it.

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