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Generate leads and build customer relationships with email marketing.

Expanding business with existing customers is always less costly than developing new ones. And when it comes to spending your hard-earned profits, paying less for the same return is always better than paying more. That’s why we encourage our clients to mix in some email marketing to their content marketing plan.

The art of email marketing

Email marketing is equal parts art and science. Thankfully for you, McD Digital excels in both. Our writers, designers, and programmers work together on your project to make it look like T.S. Eliot, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mark Zuckerberg collaborated to personally email your entire address book. Better than that though — because we’ve not only tested and perfect how we market through email, but we also see higher open rates and tangible clicks on calls to action.

Consistent interactions lead to repeat business

Yes, people’s emails are hit hard with offers and spam. But if you master the art of catching their attention, email marketing allows you to maintain consistent communication with customers, keep them up-to-date, and encourage interaction with your brand. All these things lead to repeat business from your existing base of relationships. We in the marketing biz call that a win.

Two types of email marketing

Email marketing generally exists in two forms: eBlasts and eNewsletters. As for which approach is best, here’s a quick summary on how they work.


eBlasts are frequent, short email messages to keep your brand in front of the reader’s eye. These messages are often used to announce time sensitive information like events, contests and special deals, as well as share short pieces of interesting content.


eNewsletters are sent less frequent than eBlasts. This tactic is generally sent over a set interval — weekly, monthly, etc. — and is significantly longer than the eBlast. This tactic allows you to keep readers updated on the latest news within your company or organization and share more interesting pieces of content.



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