In the world of digital marketing, traffic is your friend.

You want people to “like” you on Facebook, “follow” your Tweets and “find” you on YouTube. You want them to visit your website and social media pages... and continue coming back for more. But how do you get them there? McD Digital will help you understand the ins and outs of social media marketing, give you tips on how to incorporate today’s most popular social media sites and help you close the loop in your digital marketing strategy.

"Finding ways to communicate a message of value to potential personal and commercial insurance customers is difficult. McD committed the time and the energy to understand the task, create a plan, craft a clear and concise message, and expertly execute the plan. We represent many of the best national insurance companies in the industry, and they often evaluate the digital presence of their distribution partners like us. McD has made it possible for us to establish a much-needed presence in the digital world and their management of our website has consistently found us among the best of independent agencies." — Bill Shock, Unland Insurance

Social Media Management

To do or not to do? Is social media really worth putting money into? Our stand on this couldn’t be any stronger: you should, and it is. But what kind of social media? While it might be tempting to join every social media platform out there, it’s best to have a plan of what you want to achieve with each and make sure you can maintain an active presence. (It wouldn’t be very social of you if you were never around.) We’ll help you determine which platforms are best for your goals and show you how to incorporate a mix of content marketing, video, event promotion and paid digital media into your plan. Then our team will manage the program as a team with your staff.  

Paid Social

Sponsored stories, boosted posts, promoted tweets, pay-per-click ads, and in-video banners... Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Instagram are redefining what it means to advertise on social media. Ads have evolved into quality content that actually delivers value to your target market. Plus, it’s easier than ever to reach your desired audience. You can deliver your content based on gender, location, interests, company, role and more. We’ll help you create a month-by-month plan that includes a mix of hard and soft sells, then track how likes, comments, and shares roll in. 

Event Promotion

When it comes to getting people interested in your event, social media is a powerful tool. Not only can you create a custom hashtag that can be shared across all channels, but you can also send reminders, share user-generated content and photos, use Facebook ads to remarket to people that were on your event website but didn’t buy a ticket yet and so much more. We can help you figure out which methods are best for your event and get so many people talking… it will be like they are scrambling for tickets to a sold-out World Series game. #winning

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