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Founded in 1902, Pekin Park District has a long and proud history of serving the residents of Pekin, Illinois and beyond. Their facilities and services encompass over 2,275 acres of land with multiple parks and various recreational offerings including: waterpark, educational and recreational classes, a senior activity center, fitness center, multiple golf courses, and an arena that houses an ice rink.

The Challenge

As Pekin Park District (PPD) grew, various programs and facilities took on identities of their own – separate and apart from the park district itself. With no cohesive brand connecting facilities and programs, even life-long Pekinites struggled to know what programs and properties were PPD offerings, and what were not. The challenge became how to rectify their brand dissonance and bring PPD’s offerings together as one brand to build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with consumers without each district property losing its own identity.

The Solution

A complete branding system that honors the proud history of Pekin Park District (PPD) while modernizing the brand for use across various marketing platforms.

To bring together PPD facilities, programs, and services into one cohesive and identifiable brand, McDaniels Marketing recommended and implemented the refinement and modernization of the PPD brand in such a way as to:

  • Make its use consistent across varied platforms.
  • Make its use across all PPD properties simpler to implement.
  • Modernize the look and feel of the PPD brand as they sought to draw in more consumers of their services and “to progressively meet the changing needs and desires of the community, while embracing cherished traditions.”

Pekin Park District’s new branding system:

This recommendation was implemented in the form of a complete branding system made up of (8) separate logos. The logos took on a badge type of effect with the binding imagery in each logo paying homage to the most identifiable PPD landmark – the Mineral Springs Park Pavilion. With the base design set, imagery and colors for other facility logos change to provide each facility its own identity without losing brand consistency.

Impact & Results

The branding system for Pekin Park District (PPD) was introduced to the public in January 2020 and quickly adopted across all segments of the district. The first order of business was to update logos across all digital platforms, including social accounts and websites. The park district play guide was also reimagined to incorporate the new branding system – creating a cohesive brand identity within this important communications tool. Digital advertising was also launched via Facebook.

New Websites

To further build brand awareness and enhance the district’s digital presence, a new website for Pekin Park District is in development and scheduled for launch early 2021, and a new website for Parkside Fitness was launched in November 2020.

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