There’s Power in Partnership: McD Announces Exciting New Technology Partners

Blog // 07.26.2023 // There’s Power in Partnership: McD Announces Exciting New Technology Partners

McDaniels Marketing believes in the power of partnership. Businesses and organizations need marketers who recognize the value of their brand and believe in its potential. We know how to garner attention. Together, we can collaborate to accomplish amazing things for your business or organization.

In light of that, we have developed a group of technology partners who specialize in the niche aspects of the digital marketing industry. We’ve done the vetting process, so you don’t have to.

Proven Partnerships


While we have already proven our commitment to partnerships with companies like Orbus and Carvertise, we are excited to announce two recent partnerships that are available to our clients. These businesses are experts in their corner of marketing and McDaniels is proud to be able to offer their services to you. Here are the highlights!


McD Digital is an official referral consultant for Podium. A comprehensive marketing and communication platform for local businesses across various industries, we recommend Podium to our digital clients as the ideal tool to encourage customer conversations. It simplifies the messaging experience and review process, giving you one central messaging dashboard where you can read and respond to messages from Webchat, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Google Click-to-Message.

Podium helps businesses and organizations:

  • Increase Google and Facebook ratings, quality, and quantity of reviews, and how businesses respond to them.
  • Succeed in online reputation management and increase their overall organic search impressions.
  • Implement a texting feature which allows customers the ability to ask questions, make payments, and leave a review all from the comfort of their phone.
  • Set up a chat plugin for clients interested in asking questions on your website.


We recently partnered with accessiBe, an AI-powered solution for ADA compliance. Simply install their accessWidget and when users with screen readers come across your site, they are notified and can make adjustments to the site that allow them to access your content in a way that fits their needs. They can adjust the color contrast, increase text size, and add alt-text to certain images on the page. AccessiBe even offers regular site audits to ensure that you remain aware of continued opportunities to grow. Here are some of the benefits we are most excited about:

  • Improves the user experience
    • By opening up your websites to 15% of the global population that lives with a disability, you tap into a market with spending power of $8 trillion. Not only do you widen your user base when you become accessible, but you also provide a better experience for all users, regardless of their ability.
  • Reduced Risk of ADA-related lawsuits
    • In order to be in line with legislation and maintain a brand reputation, you should do something about web accessibility. Once you implement an accessibility solution, you will have an accessibility statement, and that says a lot about your brand. AccessiBe is just one step toward achieving ADA compliance online.
  • Improves site performance
    • Accessible websites enjoy increased traffic, reduced bounce rates, improved SEO rankings, and better conversion rates. An accessible website means that you’re making it easier for people to find your website.


The start of a beautiful partnership…

At McDaniels Marketing, we see the hard work that you do and we want to make sure you have the right solutions to be effective. Our most important partnership will always be with you, please get in touch to see if any of these opportunities sound like a good fit for your business or organization. Contact Jenna Ferrell at or call 309-346-2258.

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