People gather to share stories.

Humans are innately social beings. Whether it’s around a campfire, a pool table, or a water cooler, conversation is going on all around us. In the digital age, information intake happens all day, every day. With the information overload we all experience, how do you make your brand’s message stand out? This is where we come in.

For businesses, it’s not so much a matter of if people are talking about your organization as much as it is what people are saying. So, isn’t it better to be part of the discussion rather than just the topic?

In the world of digital marketing, traffic is your friend.

You want people to like you on Facebook, follow your tweets, and subscribe on YouTube. You want them to visit your website and social media pages and continue coming back for more. But how do you get them there?

McD Digital will shape your content into something that social users will engage with across platforms. From short animations and image posts to turning your blog articles into a month’s worth of content across platforms, we do it all. You won’t just be focusing on channel likes anymore — you’ll be getting real top-quality engagement that will keep your content relevant in individual feeds!

What our clients can expect.

We’re with you every step of the way — from planning to deployment. We’ll work with your marketing department to discern your social media goals, tactical objectives, and deliver a customized, executable strategy. We’ll provide full ROI reporting and strategic observations on how to better maximize the effectiveness of your engagement. We also provide social media paid ad buying to give your content an additional boost when needed and can even help you monitor the conversation happening about your brand.

Social media management

To do or not to do? Is social media worth putting money into? Our stance on this couldn’t be any stronger: You should, and it is. But what kind of social media? While it might be tempting to join every social media platform out there, you should have a plan of what you want to achieve with each and make sure you can maintain an active presence; after all, it wouldn’t be very social of you if you were never around.

We’ll help you determine which platforms are best for your goals and show you how to incorporate a mix of content marketing, video, event promotion, and paid digital media into your plan. Then, our specialists will manage the program as a team with your staff.


Distributing content, gathering event attendees, and engaging in conversation with customers is what you need to make your profile effective. We can help.


Get your brand the opportunity to see how they’re being talked about and give a personality and voice to remind the world there are real people at your organization.


Give a behind-the-scenes look at your team and your operation. An instant means of promotion that compliments other social components — we can help get you on the most popular social media platform.


Share, link, and piggyback off other videos by using keywords, behavior, and demographics targeting. Increase time spent on your pages by embedding videos on your website.


Get your organization infront of your ideal audience based on their industry, seniority, company name and job title. B2B Networking at its finest.


Tell your story to a global audience by showing your humorous side. Short, Punchy videos to show your brand to a new generation.

Paid social media

Organic social media traffic can take days to build, but speed to market and campaign sustainability are the core of paid social media. Through boosted posts, promoted tweets, and sponsored stories, you can promote individual pieces of content on a dime without setting up a full-blown ad campaign. Paid social media is the step up from organic posting, allowing your most relevant audience to see your content while directly encouraging the extra step of customer interaction.

Event promotion

When it comes to getting people interested in your event, social media is a powerful tool. Create a custom hashtag that can be shared across platforms. Live stream during the event. Share user-generated content and photos. Run a custom, geofenced Snapchat filter wherever you want to be noticed. Use Facebook ads to remarket to people who were on your event website but didn’t buy a ticket yet. And so much more. McD Digital can help you determine which methods are best for your event — we’ll get so many people talking, it will be like they’re scrambling for tickets to a sold-out show!

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