Converting Prospects to Leads with Birdeye & Podium

Blog // 05.01.2024 // Converting Prospects to Leads with Birdeye & Podium

So, armed with an effective SEO strategy and an unbeatable content marketing plan, you’ve managed to draw users to your website. Time to pop the champagne and pump up the jams, right? Well, no. Having users land on your website and comment on how nice it looks is great and all, but it’s not the endgame. They’ve only just entered the sales funnel — how do you guide them the rest of the way?

Guiding Customers Through

Of course, you could just hover over your computer obsessively and wait for a user to amble through your digital doorway, but that method isn’t exactly feasible nor recommended. You need a way to help potential customers find what they’re looking for and ultimately purchase. Likewise, getting them through the door in the first place is paramount — inaccurate information and less-than-sterling reviews can drive users elsewhere. However, managing all this takes valuable time — how do you simplify the process?

Thankfully, two third-party platforms can help manage your brand’s digital footprint and turn visitors into brand advocates. Birdeye and Podium provide business owners a convenient and comprehensive tool for attracting organic customers and engaging them through every step of the sales process — then keeping them engaged after the sale is complete.

Build Trust with Birdeye & Podium


Billed as an “all-in-one reputation and customer experience platform,” Birdeye empowers businesses to attract and convert visitors into customers and brand advocates. Built-in listings management allows businesses to instantly correct errors on sites like Google, Bing and Facebook. Birdeye also enables owners and managers to generate and respond to reviews on more than 200 websites, then highlight those reviews on search, social and websites, subsequently boosting SEO and ranking higher in search results.

Once users are on the site, Birdeye helps businesses interact with customers and steer them toward a purchase through AI-powered chatbots in addition to texts, emails, video and team chats, and messaging through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. After the user has converted to a customer, businesses may then solicit referrals and reviews, which can then be tracked through the Birdeye platform.


Similarly, Podium provides a complete business communications dashboard that allows businesses to attract leads, connect with them and keep them coming back. Built-in review solicitation allows customers to submit reviews via text, which the business owner may then leverage on numerous websites to increase brand awareness and improve search ranking. Business owners may also communicate with customers through texting and phone or video calls. Additionally, missed calls can be converted to text conversations for more immediate customer responses. Video chat links may also be sent via text.

Podium also allows businesses to manage interactions in a single location, routing customer feedback via social, web and text into one inbox, from which review requests and promotional messages can be sent. By keeping a detailed history of customer interactions — including browsing, purchasing and conversation history — businesses can gain a better understanding of buying behaviors and tailor content to suit their needs and interests.

Cultivate Long-Lasting Support

Interacting with potential customers and keeping them interested in your brand is vital to your company’s success, but it doesn’t require the constant, obsessive attention some may think it does. Simplify this important step to save time and convert mild interest into passionate support.

Is your rep in need of a tune-up? Need people to hear the real story of your brand and cut through the noise? We can help — learn more about our Online Reputation Management services and contact us today.

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