Tourism is Rebounding

Blog // 08.04.2020 // Tourism is Rebounding

After many weeks spent in isolation, the travel fanatics of the US are heading out once again.

While many of these adventures would typically entail thoroughly planned cross-country travel or flights that span the globe, the more recent travel trends these past few months indicate quite the opposite.

Here are a few noticeable trends from the last month:

  • In North America, online travel searches have been increasing since the beginning of June
  • People typically begin searching for trips 21 days before they actually book
  • 93% of travelers are staying within their “region” of the USA for vacation

It is clear that many people are interested in the vacation experience once again, but the need for precaution is still weighing heavy on their minds. The guidelines at state and national levels impact the ways travelers will make decisions in the weeks and months to come. With tourism trends showing encouraging levels of interest and resiliency, it is now up to small business to adapt. Below are a few ways that small businesses can capitalize on recent tourism trends and make the most of these new opportunities.

Stepping Out Again

The search engine results are in: people want to spend time outside of their homes. The guidelines of extended social distancing have clearly led to an eagerness to plan a new trip. Now that restrictions allow for some safe travel options, there is a clear rise in online travel searches. As interest builds, small businesses must shift their focus to new strategy in order to be noticed by travelers. Properly advertising both the key attractions of your business and the extent of your safety precautions is a great way to provide transparency and peace of mind to people seeking their next escape.

For any business, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to drive interest through online searches. Utilizing McDaniels Marketing and our extensive experience in providing first-rate digital services is an effective way to get a leg up when it comes to reaching new travelers.

Act Fast, Act Smart

Online travel planning has become more commonplace than ever. The ease and efficiency of finding the ideal destination means people are planning in the short-term and acting fast. PR Daily reported that during quarantine, Facebook and Instagram saw a 9% increase in daily users and Twitter saw daily use rise as much as 11%. When it comes to choosing a getaway, people are using social media to find places that meet their safety requirements while still satisfying their desires. One of the best ways to check both boxes is through advertising campaigns that feature “open spaces” that allow for social distancing. 

With such a quick turnaround and a large pool of choices, strong social media marketing is an effective way for your business to stand out online. Whether it be eye catching animations/videos, engaging posts and resources, or simply a unique flare that brings out the best of your brand, the McD Digital team offers the perfect solution to take advantage of the social media buzz.

Close to Home

Perhaps the most notable trend in tourism is that 93% of travelers are staying within the United States, but also within their specific region of the country. With options close to home, the struggle facing small businesses is standing out in the crowd. One very effective way to strengthen the reach and success of your business is by solidifying your brand around bringing the community together. Creating PSA’s and safety tips, displaying empathetic messaging, and building community outreach through your destination’s business are all unique and considerate ways to bring comfort to your community and any surrounding ones.

Building a brand to go above and beyond can be a difficult process. Fortunately, with decades of experience under our belt, McDaniels Marketing knows a thing or two about emphasizing the most unique attributes and creating a foundation for success. From new brand strategies to innovative changes in content marketing, let’s get past “recovery” and more on to rebuilding visitor volume.  

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