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Works // 03.07.2022 // Real Woodstock, IL

The Story

Instantly recognizable by its picturesque square lined with charming, independently-owned shops and landmarks reminiscent of the Victorian era, the Northern Illinois city of Woodstock has forged a remarkable identity for itself set apart from its neighbors — of course, it certainly helped that the city achieved international fame as Bill Murray spent 1993 waking up there over and over and over and over...

The Challenge

While Groundhog Day certainly draws its fair share of visitors from all over the world to see Woodstock as Phil Connors did, the city has much more to offer than a prognosticating marmot — for visitors, potential new residents and prospective businesses alike. The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Real Woodsock Inc. contacted McDaniels Marketing to develop a multi-faceted marketing plan to effectively communicate these qualities for all three audiences while maintaining brand consistency across all three verticals.

The Solution


The lynchpin of marketing, Woodstock was defining the qualities that appeal to visitors, residents and businesses. This meant months of data collection through personal interviews. The invaluable information gathered from our marketing consultants and creative team allowed us to highlight aspects that matter most to residents and businesses such as quality of life, easy access to major metropolitan markets and the city’s enthusiasm to embrace those who think outside the box.


Storefront Displays

The McD team began by showcasing the various storefronts available on the historic Woodstock Square. Gorgeous, Victorian-era shops were outfitted with window displays specially designed to entice passers-by and promote that given storefront as a canvas for their business vision. The McD creative team also worked with Woodstock stakeholders to design pop-up signage to promote the city’s amenities at shows and conferences.

Table Tents
The creative team wrote and designed tabletop tent cards to be placed at restaurants and pubs around the city. Promoting entertainment opportunities along with quality-of-life highlights, these cards advertised the one-of-a-kind amenities that could only be found in Woodstock, ranging from outdoor entertainment to dining and drinks.

Visitor's Guide
All these highlights came together to form the Real Woodstock Visitors Guide — Your Guide to What’s Real. Outlining the city’s remarkable history, wide-open outdoor spaces and its award-winning Farmers Market — one of the best in the state, as a matter of fact — the Real Woodstock Visitors Guide provides an in-depth look at the remarkable opportunities for tourism, living and working in Woodstock from an original perspective.

Exterior Signage and New Map
The brand attributes were also incorporated into some colorful, informative signs placed around the square and the local theatre windows. In addition, a new downtown map was illustrated to help visitors navigate and find the products, services and dining experiences they most desire.

Response to these materials is being driven to the Real Woodstock website through QR codes.


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