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New Look Brings Pekin Insurance Culture and Brand to the Forefront.

Pekin Insurance is more than an insurance company. They help people build their dreams, and at times, rebuild their lives.  Having been in business since 1921, they've helped and touched thousands. Today, they are one of the most successful insurance providers' in the nation with combine assets of $2 billion, more than 800 employees, 1,500 agencies, and 8,500 independent agents. When the decided to give their headquarters a facelift in 2016, they new they needed to take a look at the company's overall brand and culture, too.


McD Breathes Life Into Existing Mission Statement

When Pekin Insurance decided to give their building a facelift, they took a look at the overall brand/culture of the company too. What they found was that while they had a written mission statement, their vision and values weren’t clearly visible and integrated into their culture. So they tasked McD Marketing with creating a high-end brochure that would help express and define what their core values were all about. McD ran with the challenge and took it to the next level. 

“Early in 2016, we challenged the team at McD Marketing to help us communicate our values to our employees.  We were looking for ideas that would help employees easily recall and identify with our seven values.  Heading into the project we thought a fancy brochure would do the trick but the McD team was able to come up with several very creative ideas to take our values to the next level.  In addition, to a very nice, informative brochure we now have a video art piece that plays constantly in the main entrance; colorful banners hanging in our café and parking lot; and an eye-catching work cloud painted on a highly visible wall in the café.  A key in all of the artwork was tying symbols to each value so now our employees able to quickly recall the values but they also have a visual symbol to help them understand the value.  In addition, the bright colors used on the signage throughout our complex has served to brighten the morale of everyone.” - Joel Jackson, VP of Marketing, Pekin Insurance


MV3 clearly set the tone for company brand and culture.

Not only did McD create the new onboarding brochure – that put who Pekin Insurance is, what they do and why they do it in the hands of every new and existing employee – we also developed a new vision and values video that clearly states the culture Pekin Insurance wanted their employees to adopt.  

In addition, McD created a showpiece for the building with a strategic visual communications piece that projects the company's mission and values on to the walls on the entryway. Now, the culture and values of Pekin Insurance greets employees and visitors the minute they walk in the doors. Values are clearly defined in the animated display with illustrated elements carried over to both the vision and values video and the onboarding brochure. We also developed additional support pieces that displayed throughout their campus, including vinyl wall graphics that creatively display key value words, café banners featuring the icons that represent each core value and exterior pole signs that reinforce the message. 

McD Further Boosts Employee Recruitment with New Careers Microsite

Carrying over Pekin Insurance’s values to the employee recruitment side, McD helped current and potential employees get an even better idea of what the company represents and what it means to be part of it. The new careers microsite opens with a stunning custom video of their corporate office, parallax design with eye-catching images and graphics and clearly highlight benefits like career development, tuition reimbursement, certifications and training, paid parental leave, flexible/remove work opportunities and more. The new microsite also stresses the importance Pekin Insurance puts on giving back to our communities by promoting paid volunteer time and ways employees can get involved.


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