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Works // 11.01.2021 // Burrus Seed

The Story

McD Helps Burrus Launch a New Era of Creativity and a Refreshed Promise to Their Customer

In 2020, Burrus tasked McD Marketing to help them with a new marketing strategy leveraged on digital. Our team developed a new brand strategy and creative campaigns that built brand awareness and inquiries. Their goals: help acquire new customers, grow business with existing customers and expand overall social media reach.

The Challenge:

Non-Conventional Merges With a History and Family Focus.

Burrus wanted to take a very colorful, non-conventional approach to their brand awareness campaign. The campaign also needed to focus on communicating Burrus’ differentiating advantages while still touching on family and history.

The Solution:

A dual campaign launch that builds both brand awareness and dominance in the market. McD Marketing proposed three unique concepts to Burrus. Each concept creatively presented the key messages in a way that called growers to action. While they were only looking for one campaign, they ended up liking two concepts so much they launched both simultaneously.

The first campaign they chose set up a comparison of Burrus versus other leading mega brands. Each headline featured a benefit that no one else brought to the table for growers. This was especially true with the DON MARIO SOYBEANS line which they sell exclusively in their region.

The second campaign they chose to launch was the MY SEED campaign. This campaign took a unique twist on a “testimonial campaign” by taking the testimonial and turning it into an adjective for the grower’s statement. For example, “MY ‘THEY GO BEYOND ALL-SEASON SUPPORT’ SEED”. 

A mix of digital ads, outdoor ads, radio ads, Google Search and Display advertising, social media marketing, public relations, and video production were all used to implement the campaigns.

The Results:

Millions of impressions lead to a big bump in conversions.

As with many campaigns these days, the digital aspects of the campaign dominated in impressions and performance — giving Burrus a measurable picture of how effective their overall brand efforts were.

Facebook and Instagram advertising gained them 3,974,230 impressions and 14,653 clicks with a CPC of $0.44.

Google Display advertising brought in another 5,184,726 impressions, 33,641 clicks, and 745 conversions — all for the average CPC of $0.11! Google Displays ads also earned 745 conversions.

YouTube ad performance also ranked high with over 200,000 impressions, 61,704 video views. CPC ranged from $0.05 to $0.10 on this platform.

And finally, Google Search performance also ranked well with 818,967 impressions and 6,685 clicks. The average CPC for these campaigns ran $0.73, which is still well below the $2.62 industry average. Google Search ads also had an extremely high conversion rate at 20.27% with 1,355 conversions earned.

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