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McD and The Center for Prevention of Abuse Create New Vison for Brand

The Center for Prevention of Abuse (CFPA) approached MCD to help refresh their entire brand, including a new logo, tagline, website and promotional items. A pioneer in providing services to victims of violence, CFPA has grown from a single rape crisis hotline that started in 1975 run by a few volunteers, to a highly respected leader in the state working to help all people live free from violence and abuse. CFPA is the only agency in the entire state sanctioned to provide its combined services for survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse/Assault, Human Trafficking, Adult Protective Services, and provide classroom-based Prevention Education under one roof. Every year, more than 5,000 women, men, and children seek their free and confidential services to help them achieve a life of peace.


How do we make these topics easier to talk about?

The old brand for CFPA was out of date, lacking in vibrant color, and the website did not meet their needs any longer, as it was not mobile responsive. CFPA wanted to create a brand that successfully reflected their ideals and guiding principles. They sought a brand that was approachable, inviting, non-threatening, friendly, and progressive. They wanted to update the logo, the tagline, and the website to reflect forward-thinking trends, to create a brand that was accessible to multiple audiences.

We worked closely with their internal marketing team and came up with a few options on how this brand could take form.


Let's Start the Conversation

Topics like rape and domestic abuse are not easy to talk about. Starting the conversation is often the hardest part, but it is the first step to creating an important dialogue around these topics. This is where we really wanted to start with the branding, and how the slogan “let’s start the conversation” happened. The slogan stuck and was a top contender immediately. With that direction, we developed logo ideas and a branding system. With the direction for the brand being “progressive and inviting” we felt that imagery such as a speech bubble from a text conversation and the gradient color scheme was relatable and helped give CFPA a much more approachable feel. It quickly became a symbol for not only conversation, but the modern way in which we communicate. Not only does this update CFPA’s brand, it also lends itself to be used in a variety of ways.


After the branding was set in the right direction, the design team and programmers worked together to develop the new website. The site features two distinct directions when you arrive to the homepage, pointing you in the direction of getting help for yourself or getting help for someone else. The homepage also features statistics a quick escape button to protect individuals who are experiencing abuse who can quickly escape the website, a donation module, a 24/7 chat feature for individuals who reach out who may be in crisis, and a section about starting the conversation about the services offered at CFPA.

Along with the new brand came a lot of new swag. Brochures, billboards, business cards, flyers, and merchandise – including pins, coffee mugs, water bottles, notebooks, and more, were developed to create a cohesive brand.

Check out to see how you can help with starting the conversation.


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