CGH: Compassionate Providers Needed

Works // 09.30.2023 // CGH: Compassionate Providers Needed

CGH Reaches Out to Job Seekers with Its Work Culture

Since 1909, CGH Medical Center has taken pride in the quality healthcare it provides to the residents of the Sauk Valley in Northern Illinois. Serving an area of about 105,000 people, CGH has provided a wide range high-quality medical services to its communities and has grown to accommodate a broader spectrum of medical specialties in the last 20 years.

The challenge

Working in a hospital takes more than just technical knowledge and skills — it takes passion, determination, and initiative. That attitude creates not only a comforting environment for patients, but it contributes to a thriving work culture among providers and staff. Unfortunately, many staff members had been persuaded to leave CGH for larger healthcare systems with some individuals learning firsthand the grass isn’t always greener. CGH approached McDaniels Marketing to develop a recruitment campaign that would draw job seekers in by highlighting its unique, positive atmosphere, demonstrating what makes CGH a great place to work.

The solution

I Am Needed.

The McD Creative team began by reaching out to four CGH employees in varying roles around the hospital, including paramedic, nurse, educator, and customer service. Employees were sent a questionnaire asking what they enjoyed most about their job, how long they’ve worked at CGH, and why they chose CGH over other healthcare systems. After a photo shoot with each employee, our designers crafted colorful, eye-popping print ads based around phrases such as:

“I Am Needed.”

“I Am in Demand.”

“I Am Thriving.”

“I Am Essential.”

Each message communicated the value each employee holds in their position — both as a healthcare provider and as a co-worker — and encouraging others to join the team and experience that environment themselves. Print ads were complemented with billboards and social media posts using similar designs and messaging, all driving job seekers to the CGH Careers page. Additionally, the Creative team conducted video interviews with each staff member, which were then uploaded to the CGH YouTube channel.




And the results?

The campaign contributed greatly to reducing open positions from over 160 to 45 on average. Healthcare professionals from nearby institutions clicked directly on the LinkedIn ads and applied for positions in great number.

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