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Get Off the Grid...

Situated on the most iconic cross-country highway in the history of the United States and nestled among the Ozarks, Pulaski County, MO, is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable outdoor getaway. With world-class fishing, pristine waterways and Route 66 sites, the adventures found here are memories that last a lifetime.

The Challenge

No matter how far away you are from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, going completely off the grid these days is easier said than done. The Pulaski County Tourism Bureau partnered with McDaniels Marketing to develop a campaign that promoted the region as a place where you won’t just find a spot to relax, but a place to escape and to leave your phone powered off as you revel in awe-inspiring outdoor vistas, historic military sites and quirky stops along the most legendary highway in America.




The Solution


Pairing casual, conversational copy representing typical out-of-office messages with eye-popping photography of visitors enjoying key sites around the county, the McD team developed the “Clear Your Schedule” campaign. These print ads, digital ads, social content and billboards promote Pulaski County as a destination to get away from it all while focusing on key tourism drivers — including family outdoor adventures, float trips, fishing, Route 66, antiques and military sites. Print ads were placed in numerous state and national publications with digital ads and billboards deployed to complement the tone and style of the print pieces.


“Our destination was at a crucial point. Our desire was to bring cohesive messaging and design elements to our investments. McDaniels Marketing has given us a fresh perspective, professional guidance and assistance with data analysis and superior creative in a mix of mediums. You have a connection to trained and knowledgeable individuals at a more affordable cost than in-house. You can choose to invest in a specific program or project or a more robust selection of services to fit your needs.” — Beth Wiles, CDME, Executive Director – Pulaski County Tourism Bureau


Leveraging not just the success of the “Clear Your Schedule” campaign but also its friendly, conversational tone, the McD team also redesigned the Pulaski County website ( and Getaway Guide. These pieces further built on the ideas expressed in the print ads. While the “Clear Your Schedule” campaign drew readers in, the website and Getaway Guide served as travel companions for those answering the call of an Ozarks escape.

Using similar design elements as the print campaign to create a sense of brand cohesion, the McD team leveraged a new typeface and added textured graphical elements to reflect the ruggedness and outdoors of Pulaski County. Designers also kept full-bleed photos like those used in the print campaign and incorporated them into the Getaway Guide to give a better look into the beautiful, grand landscape of Pulaski County, MO.


The Results

While the COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected tourism across the country, the “Clear Your Schedule” campaign helped Pulaski County get more families into safe, outdoor spaces, whether they chose a leisurely float trip or pulled over for the charming roadside stops along Route 66. This in turn provided a boost to the local economy, helping the county surpass its numbers even before the pandemic.

In 2022, the average hotel occupancy in Pulaski County rebounded just beyond pre-COVID numbers with a rate of 58.57%. That number was on pace to grow in 2023 with a 60.81% average occupancy rate in Q1, a 10% increase over the first three months of 2022. Lodging guest taxes for 2022 were up more than $20,000 from the previous year, raking in $691,456 for the year. 2023 also tracked to increase over 4% compared to the prior year.


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