Calvert Health: Amazing People • Lifechanging Work

Works // 08.14.2023 // Calvert Health: Amazing People • Lifechanging Work

CalvertHealth Puts Its Employees Front & Center

For more than 100 years, the providers at CalvertHealth have been committed to providing high-quality medical care to the residents of Southern Maryland. This heritage of exceptional, compassionate healthcare looms large over the hospital’s present — today, CalvertHealth takes immense pride in impacting the lives of patients and their families through inpatient and outpatient care, as well as classes, events, and other community outreach programs.

The challenge

Becoming a world-class healthcare center takes more than just dedicated doctors and nurses. Creating a friendly, comforting environment can put patients at ease as soon as they walk through the door, but it also creates a culture of caring and trust between employees. Culture isn’t defined by a building or even the services inside — it’s the people. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, orderlies, custodians, gift shop and cafeteria workers… Every hospital staff member plays a role in defining the prevailing attitude shared between colleagues. Telling everyone how much your employees love working is one thing — having them explain it in their own words is another. In 2020, McD saw an opportunity to attract like-minded job seekers to apply by highlighting what current employees loved most about their jobs.




The solution

Workplace of Excellence

CalvertHealth is more than just a hospital — it’s a community, a place where healthcare providers earn a community of connections that last a lifetime. However, the McD Creative Team understood those sentiments are much more impactful coming from the amazing people who make that community what it is. Doctors, nurses, therapists, techs, orderlies, support staff — all these remarkable individuals not only create the environment CalvertHealth prides itself upon, but they ARE the environment.

The creatives rolled out an integrated marketing campaign that used employee testimonials to communicate what makes CalvertHealth an excellent place to work. After speaking with several employees representing several departments, the creatives used the testimony to craft print ads relaying how each felt about their work alongside photos of each and representing the diversity in skills and backgrounds at CalvertHealth. Content from this initial print ad was also built into the hospital’s Careers page, enhancing the “Why Choose CalvertHealth” messaging to reach job seekers before they apply.

The print ad was also supported by billboards in local markets as well as a wide-reaching social media campaign on numerous platforms, including boosted posts and feed ads on Facebook and Instagram, plus posts on LinkedIn. Employee spotlights published monthly also highlighted key employees who exhibited dedication, spirit and initiative.

And the results?




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