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Blog // 05.01.2024

Converting Prospects to Leads with Birdeye & Podium

Drawing users in with relevant information and glowing reviews is only half the battle. In our latest blog, learn about two exciting, third-party platforms that make converting prospects to leads — and keeping them engaged even after a purchase — easier than ever.

Blog // 03.05.2024

ChatGPT: A Useful Tool, But Not a Replacement for Marketing

The marketing industry is shook. Some marketers are hearing a relatively new tool could upend the content marketing process.

Blog // 01.30.2024

How Frequent Blogging Benefits Your Brand (and SEO)

What is to be gained from creating a modern blog strategy? Check out a few benefits to regularly scheduled blogging and how this time-honored digital marketing tool can still work to the advantage of your brand.

Blog // 12.18.2023

Take the First Step Towards ADA Compliance

Read our blog to learn more about the McDaniels Marketing process when taking our clients through an ADA Audit in partnership with Be Accessible, Inc.

Blog // 11.30.2023

Insider Tips on Promoting Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

What if you could leverage a page with an established online presence and an engaged following to promote your brand? Well, when you partner with a social media influencer, you get just that.

Blog // 07.26.2023

There’s Power in Partnership: McD Announces Exciting New Technology Partners

McDaniels Marketing believes in the power of partnership. Learn about some of our technology partners who specialize in the niche aspects of the digital marketing industry.

Blog // 05.30.2023

Supporting & Protecting Your Customers with ADA & HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is an opportunity to protect your users’ privacy, while ADA compliance seeks to support users no matter their ability. Learn how McD Digital can help your website be compliant.

Blog // 04.26.2023

Server-Side Tracking: The Future of Digital Marketing

Server-Side tracking is becoming necessary as businesses continue to prioritize clients' privacy while still having access to marketing information.

Blog // 02.07.2023

Best Practices for Creating & Protecting Business Passwords

Despite all the advances in cybersecurity technology, passwords remain a weakness in corporate networks. Learn why password management is so important.

Blog // 01.30.2023

Building Your Brand

If a logo is the face of your organization, the brand is its soul. And whether you know it or not, your organization has a brand.

Blog // 08.10.2022

Programmatic Advertising Results Like “Greased Lightning”!

Programmatic advertising makes your marketing strategy lightning fast, allowing you to start achieving the results you are looking for.

Blog // 05.31.2022

Configuring Your Marketing Formula

Our brains can process information in 13 ms! How your business rises to the top of customers’ minds and the top of a Google search comes down to strategy.

Blog // 02.16.2022

The Shift to Responsive Google Display Ads – Why?

Google Display ads reach demographics in all areas of the Internet. Here's how to make sure your ad is ready on any platform.

Blog // 12.16.2021

How 360 Videos Can Change Your Customers' Viewpoint

360 videos by McDaniels Marketing provide an immersive look at your organization, providing information needed to convert initial interest into a sale. 

Blog // 09.22.2021

Gen Z – Who Are These Powerful Young People?

Larger, more diverse, and empowered than any other generation, Gen Z is challenging marketers’ methods and strategies from past decades.

Blog // 08.16.2021

New Digital Marketing Opportunities

We’ve found four intriguing options for a unique digital advertising opportunity for your organization. See if these platforms are right for your brand.

Blog // 07.16.2021

The Entertainment Comeback

The entertainment industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. How do we give music lovers an engaging, exciting experience while reopening safely?

Blog // 05.07.2021

How to Use QR Codes in 2021 & Beyond

QR codes were all the rage in the early 2010s — and then they just disappeared. What happened?

Blog // 03.24.2021

What is Google doing with my cookies?

Here's how Google's decision to start blocking third-party cookies will impact you as a consumer, a marketer, and a business.

Blog // 02.03.2021

How to Prepare for Google’s New Algorithm Update

Google Search can be on overwhelming topic and deservedly so because it is, well, quite complicated.

Blog // 11.20.2020

Open-Source vs. Proprietary CMS

Learn about open-source and custom proprietary CMS without the bias of web developers who are committed to a single platform.

Blog // 10.26.2020

6 Things to Start Doing to Improve Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation matters to consumers, but it can seem daunting to tackle by yourself. Here's how to best manage your online reputation.

Blog // 08.04.2020

Tourism is Rebounding

After many weeks spent in isolation, US travelers are heading out once again. Learn how McDaniels can help you stay up to date on new travel trends.

Blog // 04.21.2020

Why SEO Is Vital During a Crisis

SEO or search engine optimization can help your customers find you. Here's how SEO can make your business easier to find.

Blog // 03.18.2020

Experien­cing Peoria’s Best Kept Secrets During Last Minute Staycation

Spending time with your friends and family are moments to be cherished. Learn how me and my wife spent our staycation, right before the pandemic hit!

Blog // 01.07.2020

Is Podcast Advertising the New Radio?

The easily consumable format of podcasts fits well into our busy lives. Learn about the benefits of podcast advertising.

Blog // 11.21.2019

Measuring the ROI of Brand Experience

Measuring return on investment is a marketer’s way of proving their efforts bring in results. Learn how experiential marketing is affecting ROI.

Blog // 10.24.2019

A Snapshot at Current Social Media Usage

Check out some of our biggest takeaways from Hootsuite and We Are Social’s latest installment of their 2019 Global Digital Statshot report.

Blog // 09.20.2019

Instagram Likes

Instagram announced the total number of likes and video views are being removed for some users in select countries. Learn why here!

Blog // 09.02.2019

Is There a Problem with Product Placement?

Product placement was one of the most subtle forms of advertising, but it might be turning into more of a distraction than a seemingly natural choice.

Blog // 08.06.2019

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing can be an effective way to catch a consumer’s attention by being more interactive manner than print advertising.

Blog // 06.10.2019

Cutting Through the Clutter of Email

Read McDaniels' advice on how your brand can create marketing messages that stand out and get opened.

Blog // 04.26.2019

Optimizing User Experience: Part 2: Websites

At McDaniels Marketing, we want to better enable you to identify, categorize, and obtain the necessary skills to improve user experience (UX).

Blog // 03.14.2019

OTT & Connected TV

Here’s how OTT Services & Connected TV has changed the traditional media landscape and how you can use it to your advantage.

Blog // 02.20.2019

The Tortoise and the Hare – Engaging Story Telling Videos to 6 Second YouTube Bumpers

With attention spans shrinking and video production improving, it’s important to utilize your resources wisely and create impactful content.

Blog // 10.29.2018

Optimizing the User Experience

What if you thought of your brand as an experience? User experience makes a huge difference in how and if people interact with your brand.

Blog // 09.26.2018

Don’t judge a book by its cover — unless it’s your brand

Brand consistency takes you beyond the hard sell and provides a perception of quality and professionalism that adds to your brand equity in many ways.

Blog // 09.11.2018

Out-of-the-Box Marketing – Video Game Edition

In honor of National Video Game Day, we wanted to highlight how Dave took a passion project and made it into an out-of-the-box marketing tactic.

Blog // 08.27.2018

Harnessing the Impact of Influencers

Consumers trust. With an influencer, it’s as much about a persona as it is about a brand. Here's how you can capitalize on this trend.

Blog // 07.19.2018

ADA Compliance – and the Web? (Yep, it’s a thing)

Did you know your website should also be ADA compliant? Enhancing your website for ADA compliance is good customer relations.

Blog // 05.20.2018

Branding that takes you far – just a logo?

If you want to brand or rebrand, a logo is PART of your brand. But your brand goes farther, and developing it takes more than color and letters.

Blog // 03.16.2018

Clutter-Busting – Making Your Messages Matter

From search engines to social media and apps, it takes more effort and creativity to connect with customers. Learn how with McDaniels Marketing.

Blog // 02.12.2018

Your Digital Sawdust Is Far From Useless

Your digital sawdust is not useless. We can use it to build more content, expand your audience, increase your page views, and build your brand.

Blog // 01.02.2018

S-E-Uh Oh – Why Ongoing SEO Matters

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a must-have when you launch a website, but it takes care and maintenance to keep it robust.

Blog // 12.21.2017

McD Team Design and Builds Welcome Center Kiosk for Visit Mason City, Iowa

The Visit Mason City Welcome Center display didn’t really stand out to guests passing through the center. So McDaniels design a brand new kiosk for them.

Blog // 11.15.2017

What’s all the hype about HTTPS?

What the heck is HTTPS – and why should I care? It’s a question our clients are asking more and more, thanks to more and more buzz across the web.

Blog // 08.28.2017

5 Reasons to Boost Your Results with Microsites and Branded Blogs

Microsites and branded blogs are reporting increased conversion rates. These little workhorses are quick, secret weapons. So why don’t you have one?

Blog // 07.11.2017

Technical SEO? Just the Tip of the Iceberg

SEO is more than putting your site at the top of the search results. Learn how Technical SEO differs from a total SEO approach – and why you should care.

Blog // 05.01.2017

Four Factors to Watch in a Digital Advertising Campaign

Here are four points that you should keep in mind when crafting a digital advertising campaign with your advertising partners.

Blog // 02.02.2017

Trade Show Marketing Tips – Give Your Booth a Boost

Give your booth a boost and read McDaniels Marketing tips for worthwhile trade show marketing.

Blog // 11.14.2016

Get Ready for Generation Z

Meet Generation Z, the up-and-comers following behind the Millennials. They will soon be making a big impact in the marketing world.

Blog // 08.31.2016

4 Marketing Mantras You Can Take from Pokémon GO

Going hunting today? If you’re like most of the McTeam, you’ve made Pokémon Go your go-to partner for lunch. And breaks. And happy hour. And…

Blog // 06.27.2016

Why Your Website Needs Wheels

At McDaniels Marketing, we asked our developers what goes into mobile design and how to ensure your site is mobile-ready. Here’s what they said.

Blog // 05.02.2016

Marketing Where They Are

Quick, pull out your marketing plans for the last three years. McDaniels Marketing thinks you should be moving with your customers. Here's how!

Blog // 03.02.2016

Marketing Without a Box

More than a buzzphrase, “buzz marketing” first took flight a handful of years ago and is already being taken to new heights.

Blog // 12.02.2015

4 Reasons You Should Care If Your Web Site Is Responsive (And What Responsive Means)

Responsive design futureproofs your website, so no matter the next great gadget (Apple Watch anyone?) your site looks great on any screen size.

Blog // 09.25.2015

4 Common PR Mistakes

By carefully crafting a message that is promoted (online, broadcast, or in print), you can consciously affect the way your business is perceived.

Blog // 08.12.2015

Get on a Roll – Leverage the Value of Video

It’s a digital world and that doesn’t only mean e-mail and websites, especially with a younger crowd. Here are two of our favorite up-and-coming tactics.

Blog // 07.17.2015

Four Facebook Tips

Here are our favorite tips for making Facebook marketing worthwhile, in no particular order.

Blog // 06.17.2015

Engaging Younger Customers

Generation X, Millennials, Gen Z – they’re the ones driving the future. Reaching the digital generation takes savvy, creativity and flexibility.

Blog // 05.05.2015

Is Mobilegeddon Really Upon Us? And What Do You Do About It?

Have you heard? Google changed its search algorithms – again. The buzz is that mobile-friendly websites are the new darlings of the new algorithm.

Blog // 04.15.2015

7 Questions to Ask that Slick SEO Firm that’s Blowing Up Your Inbox

Find an SEO firm that walks the walk with real-world results and strategies that succeed. Here's what to ask them to find out if they're up-to-snuff.

Blog // 03.17.2015

The 4-1-1 on Social Media Calendars

Social media can seem deceptively easy. But if you don’t have a calendar, how can you know if you’re following the 4-1-1 rule to be successfully social?

Blog // 02.16.2015

Should You Go Video Viral?

Let McDaniels Marketing open your eyes to the possibilities and power of viral video.

Blog // 01.05.2015

Social Success: Knowing When to Say When in Social Media

When it comes to social media, if your budget won’t allow for a continuous presence year-round, consider some other key peaks in clicks.

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